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Lee Harwood

Lee Harwood (born 1939) is a poet associated with the British Poetry Revival.

Early Years

He was born in Chertsey, Surrey and studied English at Queen Mary College, University of London. With the exception of some time in Greece and the United States, he has lived in Brighton since 1967.


Harwood's writing is similar to the poetry of the New York School, especially that of John Ashbery. It combines the influence of this school with a swing back towards the romantic subjectivity of British poetry around the end of World War II.

His first book, Title Illegible, was published by Bob Cobbing's Writers Forum in 1965. Harwood's Crossing the frozen river: selected poems appeared in 1988 and his most recent book is Morning Light (1998). His Collected Poems were published in 2004.


Collected Poems 1964-2004 Shearsman Books, Exeter (2004)

title illegible Writers Forum, London (1995)

The Man with Blue Eyes Angel Hair Books, New York (1966)

The White Room Fulcrum Press, London (1968)

Landscapes Fulcrum Press, London (1969)

The Sinking Colony Fulcrum Press, London (1970)

Penguin Modern Poets 19 With John Ashbery & Tom Raworth, Penguin, Harmondsworth (1971)

Freighters Pig Press, Newcastle (1975)

H.M.S. Little Fox Oasis Books, London (1975)

Boston-Brighton Oasis Books, London (1977)

Old Bosham Bird Watch Pig Press, Newcastle (1977)

Wish you were here With Antony Lopez, Transgravity Press (1979)

All the Wrong Notes Pig Press, Durham (1981)

Faded Ribbons Other Branch Readings, Leamington Spa (1982)

Monster Masks Pig Press, Durham (1985)

Crossing the Frozen River: selected poems Paladin, London (1988)

Rope Boy to the Rescue North & South, Twickenham (1988)

In the Mists: mountain poems Slow Dancer Press, Nottingham (1993)

Morning Light Slow Dancer Press, London (1998)

Evening Star Leafe Press, Nottingham (2004)


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