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The genus Hyla is one of approximately 38 genera in the New World family of tree frogs (Hylidae). The word Hyla translates to "tree," and tree frogs are indeed arboreal. They have a very broad distribution; species can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa, and across the Americas.

There were more than 300 described species in this genus, but after a major revision of the Hylidae family most of these have been moved to new genera so the genus now only contains 33 species".


Binomial name Common name
Hyla andersonii Pine Barrens Tree Frog
Hyla annectans Jerdon's Tree Frog
Hyla arborea European Tree Frog
Hyla arboricola
Hyla arenicolor Canyon Tree Frog
Hyla avivoca Bird-voiced Tree Frog
Hyla bocourti Bocourt's Tree Frog
Hyla chinensis Common Chinese Tree Frog
Hyla chrysoscelis Cope's Gray Tree Frog
Hyla cinerea American Green Tree Frog
Hyla ebraccata Hourglass Tree Frog
Hyla euphorbiacea Southern Highland Tree Frog
Hyla eximia Mountain Tree Frog
Hyla femoralis Pine Woods Tree Frog
Hyla gratiosa Barking Tree Frog
Hyla hallowellii Hallowell's Tree Frog
Hyla heinzsteinitzi
Hyla immaculata Spotless Tree Toad
Hyla intermedia Italian Tree Frog
Hyla japonica Japanese Tree Frog
Hyla meridionalis Mediterranean Tree Frog
Hyla plicata Ridged Tree Frog
Hyla sanchiangensis San Chiang Tree Frog
Hyla sarda Sardinian Tree Frog
Hyla savignyi Middle East Tree Frog
Hyla simplex Annam Tree Frog
Hyla squirella Squirrel Tree Frog
Hyla stepheni Northeast China Tree Toad
Hyla suweonensis Suweon Tree Frog
Hyla tsinlingensis Shensi Tree Frog
Hyla versicolor Gray Tree Frog
Hyla walkeri Walker's Tree Frog
Hyla wrightorum Wright’s Mountain Tree Frog
Hyla zhaopingensis

"Hyla" group

Faivovich et al. could not assign these species to a current genus, so they allocated these species to the non-taxon "Hyla". Further work is needed to organize them.

Binomial name Common name
Hyla alboguttata Whitebelly Treefrog
Hyla antoniiochoai
Hyla helenae Helena's Treefrog
Hyla imitator Mimic Treefrog
Hyla inframaculata Santarem Treefrog
Hyla warreni Warren's Treefrog


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