bipolar disorder

or manic-depressive psychosis

Mental illness characterized by the alternation of manic and depressive states. Depression is the more common symptom, and many patients experience only a brief period of overoptimism and mild euphoria during the manic phase. The condition, which seems to be inheritable, probably arises from malregulation of the amines norepinephrine, dopamine, and 5-hydroxytryptamine. It is most commonly treated with lithium carbonate.

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Bipolar is a term used to define things with two (usually opposing) poles. It can refer to:

In Medicine

In charitable organisation

MDF The BiPolar Organisation - A UK based charitable organisation

In Electronics and electrical engineering

In Science

In Mathematics

  • Polar set, sometimes called a bipolar set, is the polar of a polar set.
  • Bipolar coordinates, a type of orthogonal coordinates based on the Apollonian circles.

In Pop culture

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