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List of community topics

This List of community topics is intended to be a comprehensive listing of topics, categories and other resources related to community in the broadest sense possible.

Community types

Community, the human community:

  • World community, the global aspects of community from the perspective of governance and the humanities
  • International community, the global aspects of community from the perspective of governance and the humanities
  • Global village, the global aspects of community from the perspective of telecommunications

Ideational or abstract community types

Geographic and physical community types

Human geography:'''

Human geography means who people are and where they live


Types of communities

Types of communities:

Community of...

  • Action, a group of people organized to support a cause or bring about social change
  • Circumstance, a group of people bound together because of circumstances usually beyond their control
  • Interest, a group of people who share a common interest or passion
  • Place, a group of people bound together because of where they spend a continuous portion of their time
  • Position, a group of people who share a particular station in life (such as teenage years, marriage, parenthood, etc.)
  • Practice, a group of people who choose to collaborate over an extended period to share ideas, find solutions, and build innovations.
  • Purpose, a group of people who are going through the same process or are trying to achieve a similar objective

see Group (sociology)

Other types

Types of cooperatives


Community development

Community development refers to efforts to improve communities:

Community concepts, movements and schools of thought

Academic subjects

Concepts and principles


Virtual community

Internet culture

Virtual community, a group of people communicating with each other by means of information technologies:

See also Virtual reality communities

Community institutions

Actual communities


Lists of communities, co-ops, etc.:

Lists of virtual communities:

The world community:

Note to dialup users: the following lists are massive

Online communities

Other community topics

Other uses of the term "community"


These sources and references are being gleened from the articles listed above. If you know of any others, internal or external please add them.

Books and authors

Many of these books and authors are (or will soon be) covered in existing Wikipedia articles:


This is just a flat list of authors who write about community topics:

Jean Lave, Etienne Wenger, John Seely Brown, Paul Duguid, Pierre Rosanvallon, Jacques Fournier, Jacques Attali, Louis Wirth, William Foote Whyte, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, ...

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