Raymond Z. Gallun

Raymond Zinke Gallun (March 22, 1911 - April 2, 1994) was an early science fiction writer.

Gallun (rhymes with "balloon") was born in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. He lived a drifter's existence, working a multitude of jobs around the world in the years leading up to World War II. He sold many popular stories to pulp magazines in the 1930s. "Old Faithful" (1934) was his first noted story. "The Gentle Brain" was published in "Science Fiction Quarterly" under the pseudonym Arthur Allport. Another of his pseudonyms was William Callahan.


  • The Machine that thought (1940) (writing as William Callahan)
  • A Step Farther Out (1950)
  • Passport to Jupiter (1951)
  • People Minus X (1958)
  • The Planet Strappers (1961)
  • Apollo at Go (1963)
  • The Eden Cycle (1974)
  • Skyclimber (1981)
  • Bioblast (1985)

See for a free e-Book version of "The Planet Strappers".


  • Jeffrey Elliot. Interview with Raymond Z. Gallun, Thrust #17, Summer 1981.
  • John J. Pierce. "Introduction" in The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun, Ballantine, 1978.

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