billie wirtz


Wirtz could refer to:

  • People:
    • Alvin J. Wirtz (1888-1951), American laywer, advocated the formation of the Lower Colorado River Authority, under secretary - Department of the Interior (1940-1941)
    • Arthur Wirtz (1901-1983), businessman, owner Chicago Blackhawks & Bulls, father of Bill Wirtz
    • Bill Wirtz (1929–2007), business man, controlling shareholder Wirtz Corp., owner of the Chicago Blackhawks
    • Reverend Billy C. Wirtz (b.1954), American comedic recording artist
    • Carl Wilhelm Wirtz (1876-1939), German astronomer
    • Karl Eugen Julius Wirtz (1910-1994), German nuclear physicist
    • Kris Wirtz (b.1969), Canadian figure skater
    • Mark Wirtz (b.1943, Alsatian musician and pop record producer
    • Paul Wirtz (d.2006), Canadian figure skater and skating coach
    • Rocky Wirtz, current owner of the of the Chicago Blackhawks
    • Sean Wirtz (b.1979), Canadian figure skater
    • William Willard Wirtz (b.1912) former U.S. administrator, cabinet officer, attorney, and law professor. U.S. Secretary of Labor (1962-1969)
  • Places:

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