Billiard or billiards may refer to:

  • A , a type of shot in cue sports (see below)
  • Billiards: Cue sports in general, including pool, carom billiards, snooker, etc. The term "billiards" by itself is also sometimes used to refer to any of the following more specifically:

* Carom billiards (also known as French billiards) games in general (a chiefly non-British usage, in the North America, the British Commonwealth, etc.)
* The specific game of English billiards (a chiefly British usage)
* Pocket billiards (pool) games (such as eight-ball and nine-ball) in general (a chiefly colloquial American usage)

  • Billiard, the (chiefly French) long-scale name for the number 1015 in mathematics (called "quadrillion" in short scale)
  • Dynamical billiards, the mathematical theory of particle trajectories within a closed reflective boundary, in theoretical physics (contrast this mass noun with the count noun "dynamical billiard", below)

* A dynamical billiard, any of several systems of particle trajectories within a closed reflective boundary

  • Nicolas billiards, an obscure French board game invented in 1895, and of no relation to the games above (see its Billard Nicolas for an illustration)
  • Indian (or Nepalese) finger billiards, the board game better known as carrom.
  • Electric billiards, an obscure term for pinball (from the French billard électrique, who today call pinball flipper, a borrowing from English)

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