[bil-bur-jee-uh, -juh]

Billbergia is a genus of the botanical family Bromeliaceae, subfamily Bromelioideae. The genus is named for the Swedish botanist, zoologist, and anatomist Gustaf Johan Billberg. Billbergia primarily occur in Brazil but individual specie are represented from Mexico through tropical South America.

These plants often grown as hot-house plants for their bright inflorescence and colored foliage paterns.


  • Billbergia acreana H. Luther
  • Billbergia alfonsi-joannis Reitz
  • ''Billbergia amandea W. Weber
  • Billbergia amoena (Loddiges) Lindley
    • b. var. viridis L.B. Smith
    • c. var. minor (Antoine & Beer) L.B. Smith
    • e. var. carnea E. Pereira
    • f. var. stolonifera E. Pereira & Moutinho
      • ii. forma. viridiflora E. Pereira & Moutinho
    • g. var. flavescens Reitz
    • h. var. robertiana E. Pereira & Leme
  • Billbergia kautskyana E. Pereira
  • Billbergia kuhlmannii L.B. Smith
  • Billbergia laxiflora L.B. Smith
  • Billbergia leptopoda L.B. Smith
  • Billbergia morelii Brongniart
  • Billbergia nana E. Pereira
  • Billbergia nutans H. Wendland ex Regel
    • b. var. schimperiana (Wittmack) Baker
    • c. var. striata Reitz
  • Billbergia oxysepala Mez
  • Billbergia pallidiflora Liebmann
  • Billbergia pohliana Mez
  • Billbergia porteana Brongniart ex Beer
  • Billbergia pyramidalis (Sims) Lindley
    • b. var. concolor L.B. Smith
    • d. var. striata M.B. Foster
    • e. var. lutea Leme & W. Weber
  • Billbergia reichardtii Wawra
  • Billbergia robert-readii E. Gross & Rauh
  • Billbergia rosea hortus ex Beer
  • Billbergia rubicunda Mez
  • Billbergia rupestris L.B. Smith
  • Billbergia saunderiana E. Morren
  • Billbergia saundersii Bull
  • Billbergia seidelii L.B. Smith & Reitz
  • Billbergia stenopetala Harms
  • Billbergia tessmannii Harms
  • Billbergia tweedieana Baker
    • b. var. latisepala L.B. Smith
  • Billbergia velascana M. Cardenas
  • Billbergia violacea Beer
  • Billbergia viridiflora H. Wendland
  • Billbergia vittata Brongniart
  • Billbergia zebrina (Herbert) Lindley


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