Bill and Coo

Bill and Coo

Bill and Coo is a 1948 color film, directed by Dean Riesner and conceived to showcase George Burton's trained birds (Burton's Birds).

The 61-minute live action film stars many types of birds, including Budgerigars (commonly known in the US as parakeets) and lovebirds. It also features other trained animals, including cats, dogs and a crow. With the exception of three humans (producer Ken Murray, bird trainer George Burton and Elizabeth Walters) in a short set-up segment before the opening credits, the film features an all-bird cast. It was shot on the world's second smallest film set; a miniature village built onto a 15' x 30' (4.57m X 9.14m) tabletop.

The film received an Honorary Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the "Oscars") "In which artistry and patience blended in a novel and entertaining use of the medium of motion pictures."


The plot of the film is that the birds live in a fictional peaceful town named Chirpendale until a crow arrives known as the The Black Menace. Like his name would suggest, The Black Menace terrorizes the town. The story follows the adventures of the hero Bill while he tries to save Coo and the rest of the town from certain destruction.


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