Bilaspur. 1 Former principality, Himachal Pradesh state, NW India, in the W Himalayas. It is the site of the Bhakra dam, a massive project on the Sutlej River. The town of Bilaspur (1991 pop. 10,609), formerly the capital, trades in agricultural products. 2 City (1991 pop. 229,615), Chhattisgarh state, central India. Founded in the 17th cent., the city is a district administrative center and an agricultural market. It is an important rail junction and manufactures wood products.
Bilaspur, Uttar Pradesh is a small village near Muzaffarnagar city, Uttar Pradesh. India. It is situated on the Haridwar bypass road of Muzaffarnagar. 55% of the population are Muslim JATs of Tomar clan, others include Shi'ite syed Muslims of Tihanpuri clan who migrated from mideast and settled here some two centuries ago. The main source of living is farming although new industries also coming in as the village now comes with in the borders of Muzaffarnagar Development corporation, land is very fertile and having good means of irrigation.


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