Bigtime Consulting

Bigtime Consulting is a webcomic parody based on Andersen Consulting, now known as Accenture. It was created by an employee, James Sanchez, who initially posted the cartoons anonymously on a Geocities account. The first cartoons focused on the new Andersen Consulting logo ("A to the C") and the conflicts with their parent and sister companies, Andersen Worldwide and Arthur Andersen ("Bigtime Worldwide" and "Burton Bigtime").

There were several obvious parallels between Bigtime Consulting and Andersen Consulting, including their CEOs (George Shaheen vs. "George Unseen"), training facilities (St. Charles vs. "St. Charlene") and numerous acronyms.

The author of Bigtime Consulting became the target of an Andersen Consulting internal manhunt. Rumors circulated regarding the origin of the comics. Even when the comic moved to its own domain name and developed merchandise sales, the author remained unknown to Andersen Consulting staff.

When Andersen Consulting rebranded as accenture, the comic changed to indenture, releasing their matching colors and logo days before the official 01-01-01 release.

James Sanchez went public after leaving Andersen Consulting.

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