The Brewing Network

The Brewing Network is an Internet radio station, dedicated to homebrewing and beer.


The Brewing Network (TheBN) features internet-based live radio shows focusing on homebrewing and general beer interest. TheBN strives to obtain guest appearances from well known (and well respected) figures in both the homebrewing and Craft Brewing world, as well as experts in non-beer related homebrewing, such as cider, mead and wine making.

During the live format "The Sunday Session", live questions submitted by either phone, live chat or email are fielded by the guests and the hosts. Sometimes answers also come from other listeners. But in the end, helpful information is gleaned from the several hour long show, as well as plenty of laughs. As always, the motto is to "Relax, Don't Worry, Have A Homebrew." (Charlie Papazian)

Besides the Sunday Session, the Brewing Network produces "The Jamil Show," in which award-winning homebrewers Jamil Zainasheff and Jon Plise discuss one specific beer style in detail on each show, "Lunch Meet," featuring Justin and JP, and "Brew Strong," featuring Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.


June 5, 2005:The Brewing Network broadcasts its first show, "The Sunday Live Show," via a live streaming broadcast on the Internet. It featured Justin Crossley and Jon Plise.January 16, 2006:"The Jamil Show" premieres, featuring Jamil Zainasheff and Jon Plise.February 3, 2006:"Lunch Meet" premieres, featuring Justin Crossley and Jason "JP" Petros.May 21, 2006:The "Free FM Brewcast" is first broadcast on 106.9 Free FM in San Francisco as well as a live stream on the Internet. The Free FM show is the first "terrestrial" broadcast for The Brewing Network. The first show was co-hosted by Justin Crossley and Shaun O'Sullivan, brewmaster and co-founder of The 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco; "Doc" also made an appearance.June 4, 2006:The Brewing Network celebrates its one year anniversary live from The 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco.June 23-24, 2006:The Brewing Network broadcasts live from the National Homebrewers Conference in Orlando, Florida.June 3, 2007:The Brewing Network's Second Anniversary Party live from the Bistro in Hayward, California.September 9, 2007:100th Sunday Session broadcast.October 11-13, 2007:The Brewing Network broadcasts live from the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, Colorado as the Official Broadcaster of the GABF.February 17, 2008:The Brewing Network broadcasts live from the Celebrator Beer News' 20th Anniversary Party at the Oakland Convention Center.June 14, 2008:The Brewing Network's Third Anniversary Party live from Downtown Joe's in Napa, California features a live video feed provided by John Foster of 19-21, 2008:The Brewing Network broadcasts various live shows from the National Homebrewers Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, including broadcasting the awards ceremony live.August 04, 2008:"Brew Strong", an amateur brewing geek's must-listen show premieres, featuring Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer.


  • Justin Crossley - co-founder, host, board operator
  • Jon Plise - co-founder, host (Jamil Show)
  • Dr. Scott "Doc" Lothamer - resident homebrewing expert
  • Daniela Perl - chat moderator, co-host (2005–2007)
  • Jamil Zainasheff - host, style expert (Jamil Show, Brew Strong)
  • Jason "JP" Petros - co-host (Lunch Meet, Sunday Session)
  • Mike "Tasty" McDole - resident homebrew expert, hophead
  • Chad Moshier- producer
  • Beevo - chat moderator (2007-present)
  • Shaun O'Sullivan - co-host (FreeFM show), co-founder and brewmaster of the 21st Amendment Brewery
  • John Palmer - co host, Brew Strong, author of "How to Brew"


  • Bub - Loud-mouth
  • Krotchrott - Florida-dweller with a macabre sense of humor
  • Oz Brewer - "Oz"
  • MedTech - drunk of the year
  • Push Eject - Left half of the emerging gangsta-rap duo
  • Sven - Right half of the emerging gangsta-rap duo

Current lineup

The Brewing Network currently broadcasts multiple live shows via the Internet streaming audio and one terrestrial radio show per week. When no live show is being performed, old shows are re-broadcast on the Internet stream. The shows currently in rotation (as of December 13, 2006) are listed below.

  • The Session (formerly untitled but colloquially called the Sunday 5 O'Clock Brewcast) - Live show broadcast at 5pm Pacific time most Sundays
  • Lunch Meet - Live show broadcast at noon Pacific most Fridays
  • The Jamil Show - Also known as the "style show", broadcast live on a mixed schedule, re-aird and archived every other Monday
  • Brew Strong - The everything-you-could-ever-want-to-know-about-beer show, broadcast live on a mixed schedule, re-aired and archived on Mondays, alternating with "The Jamil Show."
  • KYCY 1550AM - Brewcast w/Justin Crossley - Broadcast every Saturday on San Francisco, California's 1550AM Open Source Radio
  • The Butchers - Listener produced Lunch Meet substitute first broadcast on 22 September, 2006

2005 Brewcast Shows

Date Title Description
06/05 Premiere First show ever. Featured Olin Schultz and Regan Dillon of Beer, Beer and More Beer and Doctor Scott, who at this time was just a guest.
06/12 Lagunitas Brewing Company Tim of Lagunitas Brewing Company; yeast and fermentation
06/19 EJ Phair Morgan from EJ Phair discussed mashing and mash temperatures.
06/26 First Hop Show Hop discussion and lecture from Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company.
07/03 Jamil Zainasheff 1 First Sunday show featuring Jamil. Also the first beer jeopardy!
07/10 Drake's Brewing Co. The mysterious, controversial and ever elusive Drake's Show from July 2005 has finally appeared among our Sunday archives. We are now also hosting Bigfoot, Elvis, the second shooter, El Chupa Cabra, The Loch Ness Monster, and of course...Santa Claus. Enjoy.
07/17 Wort Chilling Wort chilling science and techniques
07/24 Carbonation This Brewcast is all about proper carbonation and how to get it, keep it, and make it right according to style. Also features a lecture from Phil Markowski of Southampton Publick House in New York all about Farmhouse Ales (Saison, Belgian, etc.) that was given at the NHC this year.
07/31 First Hangover Show Arnie from Marin Brewing Company
08/07 Colin Kaminski Colin Kaminski from Downtown Joe's discusses gravity readings and refractometers. Also including guest Chris Graham from Beer, Beer and More Beer.
08/14 Vinnie Cilurzo 1 Vinnie from Russian River Brewing Company discusses Belgians and a bit of hop info.
08/21 Drunk Show 1 Drunk show with Officer X and Matt Brynildson from Firestone Walker.
08/28 Christian Kazakoff Christian from Triple Rock Brewery & Alehouse discusses details on planning and running a brewpub.
09/04 Jamil Zainasheff 2 Jamil's 2nd appearance on the Sunday show to discuss yeast starters.
09/18 Shaun O'Sullivan Shaun from the 21st Amendment Brewery talks about opening a brewpub and his Watermelon Wheat beer.
09/25 Lager Show Brewcaster Jon and Doc discuss lagering.
10/02 Oktoberfest 1 Morgan from EJ Phair returns, the crew sings German drinking songs, and Daniela dons a durndel!
10/09 Organic Brewing Peter Hoey from Bison Brewing Company discusses brewing organic beers.
10/16 Commercial Extract Brewing Don Gortemiller from Pacific Coast Brewing Company discusses commercial extract brewing.
10/23 Mini Mash JP's first appearance and a discussion of mini-mashing.
10/30 Anti-Style Brian Hunt from Moonlight Brewing Company mixes it up preaching the demise of "brewing to style".
11/06 Dan Gordon 1 Dan Gordon from Gordon Biersch Brewing Company discusses all things related to Pure German style beer.
11/13 Pyramid John Donehower of Pyramid Breweries discusses wheat malt as a base malt.
11/20 Jamil Zainasheff 3 Jamil shows up again and distributes much brewing knowledge.
12/04 Eric Watson Eric Watson from Title Town Brewing phones in a great interview and discusses mash techniques and temps.
12/11 Charlie Papazian Charlie talks about all things beer
12/18 Gadget Show Gadget projects from Doc... and Crazy Jack

2006 Brewcast Shows

Date Title Description
01/08 Beach Chalet Brewing Our first show of 2006 strays way off the homebrew topic...but what a great show to bring in the new year with some good old fashioned fun! Aaron Dorsey from Beach Chalet Brewing Company joins us to talk about his beers as well as the brew program he graduated from at UC Davis in California. And Roger Davis and Shaun O'sullivan surprise us in the studio with a visit to say congrats on the New BN!
01/15 Vinnie Cilurzo 2 Vinnie Cilurzo from Russian River Brewing. Discussing growing your own hops, hop placement in beer.
01/22 Chris White Chris White from White Labs covers information from yeast propagation to re-pitching.
01/29 Gary Glass Gary Glass, Director of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) joins the show to discuss the AHA, and the National Homebrew Competition.
02/05 Super Bowl Sunday Giveaway show, rapping and Beer Jeopardy.
02/12 Jim Rossi Award-winning homebrewer Jim Rossi talks about the switch from Extract to All Grain Brewing and his winning brewing processes.
02/19 Dave Mclean Dave Mclean from Magnolia Pub and Brewery discusses Cask Conditioning.
02/26 "The Geno" "The Geno" of El Toro Brewing Company discusses skunky bottled beer and starting a brewery.
03/05 Chris Graham Chris Graham of Beer Beer & More Beer co-hosts to discuss high gravity beers.
03/12 Brewcasters Every kind of question under the sun is discussed, from Whirlpooling to Decoction.
03/19 Charlie Talley Charlie Talley, co-founder of Five Star Chemical Company discusses the do's and don’t's of their chemicals.
03/26 Ralph Olson Ralph Olson of Hopunion discusses commercial hop production as well as how to grow hops at home.
04/02 Peter Zien Peter Zien of AleSmith Brewing Company discusses what it takes to start and own a craft brewery.
04/09 Professional Brewers The guys from 21st Amendment, Drake's and Jamil gather for The Brewing Network Round Table.
04/16 Colin Kaminski Water Chemistry Part II, discussion of PH and how to manipulate it for brewing.
04/23 Frank Commanday Frank Commanday from Brewers Supply Group discusses grains from A to Z on the show.
04/30 Clarification Show Finings and Filtration are the topic of the day, as well as the announcement of The BN Anniversary.
05/14 Ray Daniels The Ray Daniels interview on how to design great beers, The BN Anniversary and announcement of the new show on 106.9 FreeFM.
05/21 The Cider Show! Vincent Sterne of Two Rivers Cider Company discusses all things cider.
06/04 Anniversary Show Anniversary Show broadcast live from the 21st Amendment Brewery to celebrate the first year of Brewcasting.
06/11 Dan Gordon 2 Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch Brewing Company joins the show for tastings, lagers, decoctions and stump the brewer.
06/18 Kevin Pratt BJCP National Judge, Kevin Pratt joins to discuss BJCP history, certification and judging.
06/23 National Homebrew Conference Part 1 First of two live broadcasts from the National Homebrewers Conference in Orlando, Florida.
06/24 National Homebrew Conference Part 2 Second of the two live broadcasts from the National Homebrewers Conference in Orlando, Florida.
07/09 Dave Logsdon Dave Logsdon of Wyeast Yeast Company discusses yeast, Wyeast products as well as warm vs. cold pitching.
07/16 Frugal Brewing Show Frugal Brewing Show - Chris Graham and Jamil teach us how to start, advance and keep brewing on a shoestring budget.
07/23 Honesty & All Grain Show Honesty & All Grain Show - The truth about All Grain brewing... honest!
07/30 Beer & BBQ Jeremy Sowers of the Emergency BBQ Company teaches his secrets for grilling and marinating everything with Beer.
08/06 Vic Kralj The How to Open and Run a Microbrew Pub Show with Vic Kralj from The Bistro. Push Eject in studio to unveil "5 O'Clock".
08/13 Denny Conn The Pragmatic Brewer show with Denny Conn. Denny discusses Batch Sparging techniques as well as brewing on the cheap.
08/20 Yeast Show Brothers Chris and Mike White of White Labs join the show to discuss all things yeast.
08/27 Colin Kaminski Colin Kaminski from Downtown Joe's joins the show to discuss preparing for, tasting and evaluating beers.
09/10 Not the Mead Show Mead Show that never was, instead hilarity ensued.
09/17 Aeration Techniques Another canceled guest turns into a discussion with Dr. Scott about aeration techniqes and general fermentation.
09/24 Queen of Beers Show Beth Zangari discusses women in brewing as well as BJCP tips and advice.
10/08 Hungover Brewcaster No-show guest and a hungover Brewcaster.
10/15 Doctoberfest! Celebration of Dr. Scott's birthday and official announcement of TheBN's Conical Christmas Giveaway. Sven (of Push Eject and Sven fame) in the studio.
10/22 Decoction Mash Show John Palmer joins the show to discuss the nuts and bolts of decoction mashing.
10/29 1st Mead Show Mike Faul from Rabbit's Foot Meadery, Vicky Rowe of and Julia Herz of discuss all aspects of mead making.
11/05 Stone Brewing Show Mitch Steele, Head Brewer at Stone Brewing Company discusses Stone brews.
11/12 2nd Food and Beer Show Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton joins the show to discuss an incredible holiday menu and tons of great cooking with beer tips.
11/19 Holiday Brews Chris Graham of Beer Beer & More Beer discusses Holiday Brews.
12/03 The Listener Talent Show Show geared towards fun, conical giveaway registrants and plenty of laughs.
12/10 Sour Beer Show Chris Colby, editor of Brew Your Own Magazine discusses how to brew sour beer at home. Also live performance from Cold Hot Crash.
12/17 Conical Christmas Giveaway Show TheBN selects its winners for the two Stainless Steel Conicals donated by Beer, Beer & More Beer and HCA Industries.

2007 Brewcast Shows

Date Title Description
01/07 Jim Koch Our first show of the year turned out to be so much fun that we just couldn't stop. And for the first time, it was so long we had to cut the archive in two! Part one includes comparison's of hand delivered German imports by Daniela with off the shelf imports to test what off flavors occur with travel and time. Part 2 includes a great interview with Jim Koch of Boston Beer Company and several listener tastings and evaluations.
01/14 Hell Freezes Over - Sugar Chemistry Justin gives us a lesson in brewing chemistry... I know... yikes! But taken from the writings of brewing experts such as John Palmer and Ray Daniels, Justin summarizes fermentable and non-fermentable sugars to help us decide on how to boost our gravity and/or impart flavors to our beer.
01/21 Chris Graham 2 Chris Graham from B3 joins The Brewcasters to discuss equipment upgrades and ways to spend your homebrew budget wisely. It is another long one to keep you going through the week and help you build your dream system.
02/12 Downtown Joe's The gang meets at Downtown Joe's to discuss the major events of the day. During this spellbinding discussion, the topics of BudTV, G@@gl3 Ads, condemnation of the French, men in bikinis, harsh words for the Germans, poor Japanese impersonations, Beer Jeopardy!, Biggety Doppelbock, Clang!, Drunken/erroneous Wiki entries, and Justin's "lost" night of experimentation are all explored and properly cataloged for future reference.
02/28 Downtown Joe's The great Lost Show.
03/04 D - Day It's D - Day at The BN... Daniela's last live show with us in the studio. Lots of guests, including Morgan from EJ Phair Brewery, Christian Kazakoff of Triple Rock, Shaun O'Sullivan of the 21A, Jamil, Mike McDole and more show up to bid Daniela farewell. We also answer lots of brewers questions and at the end, get all sentimental about our beloved D leaving the nest. Tune in... bid farewell... Prost! Bye D, we love you.
03/11 Homebrew Clubs Our first show back without Daniela was a bit lonely, but covered some great information nonetheless. It was our first Homebrew Club Show and Dr. Scott helped cover how to set one up, run it, and keep folks excited about homebrew. Great information, and a surprise visit from Jamil and Jon at the end.
03/25 Brewing for Competitions Part I This episode is part I of how to brew for homebrew competitions. Doc, Jamil and Randy Griggs (BJCP Certified Judge) help us learn to brew for competition, set carbonation levels and bottle our beer to maximize chances of success in competition. We also evaluate JP's beer as an example and make an announcement about our upcoming anniversary show.
04/01 Pete Slosberg This week we welcome the great Pete Slosberg, founder of Pete's Wicked Ale on the show. Pete spends time with us in the studio talking about starting his company at a time when Craft Beer was in its infancy and how he built a brand and moved on into the future. It's a great show with Shaun O'Sullivan co-hosting and JP manning the chat room along with Stephanie to add some female perspective to the show. Plus, we play a new game called "Spam-or-not".
04/08 Brewing for Competitions Part II Part II of our competition series covers judging of beers and common flaws that show up in competition submissions. Jamil Zainasheff, Kevin Pratt, Brent Brubaker and Doc help evaluate several listener beers and score them as if they were being judged in competition. Some of the judging gets into heated debate, which makes for some excitement. Oh... and happy Easter if that's your thing!
04/15 Schooners Shawn and Craig from Schooners join us in the studio to talk about their award winning beers and barrel aging. We had a lot of fun tasting great beers and learning how to age our big beers properly. Cask conditioning, barrel aging and general beer information abound.
05/20 Brewery Ommegang and DRAFT Magazine In our first show back from a brief hiatus, we talk Belgian beers with Brewery Ommegang Brewmaster Randy Thiel and also learn about the new DRAFT Magazine from co-founder and Beer Director Scott Kerkmans. It's a packed show with lots of information and also Brewing Network updates about what's new, why we took time off, and what to expect at our second anniversary party coming up June 3rd.
05/27 Organic Homebrewing This week is our hippy cry baby show as we discuss one of Brewcaster J's favorite topics, organic brewing with homebrew shop 7 Bridges Cooperative. Also, we get a surprise appearance from our long lost Brewcaster D
06/03 Second Anniversary Bash at The Bistro This week we celebrate The Brewing Network's second anniversary with a big bash at The Bistro in Hayward. It is a long show with a lot of shouting and cursing, but you get an idea of the amazing crowd of support we receive from the BN Army. Plus, there's a live performance of our favorite beer songs from The BN's own Session Band and also from Cold Hot Crash. The Cold Hot Crash audio is rough due to such a big sounding band in a small room, but they rocked the house live!
06/10 Sam Calgione and Anniversary Wrap-up This week we wrap up our anniversary party, talk homebrews with JP and Producer Chad, and present an interview done with Sam Calgione of Dogfish Head Brewery. The audio quality of the interview is not what we normally present but the content is awesome.
06/17 Brasserie de Rochefort Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton guides us through a tour of Belgian Trappist Brewery Rochefort, complete with a downloadable slide show and guide so you can follow along at home. We discuss the history, the beers, and how to brew them ourselves in this in-depth fathers day episode.
07/01 NHC 07' Wrap and Matt Brynildson Blending Beer Discussion The Brewcaster's run down their NHC experiences, complete with audio from the conference and pictures linked to boot. Also, a great discussion on blending beer from Firestone Walker Brewmaster Matt Brynildson.
07/07 Meltdown, Sour Beers with Vinnie, and Chad's first all grain The entire show is upbeat and part of our new "meltdown" theme. Best part is a great lecture on brewing sour beers at home from Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing first given at the NHC this year. Also, we discuss producer Shat's first all grain attempt.
07/15 Homer Smith from Oak Barrel Bay Area homebrew legend Homer Smith joins us to talk about how homebrew has changed throughout his tenure of 35 years, what he loves about the industry, his favorite porters and stouts and some BBQ too. Sit back and enjoy the stories of our favorite homebrew guy... Homer!
07/22 System efficiency, GABF giveaways and lots of fun Doc teaches us why brew system efficiency is important and why it's not, how to calculate it and tips to improve it if you're having trouble. Also, we enter people into our GABF giveaway, have fun with drunks and rock some classic tunes. It starts slow, but ends great...hang in there !
08/05 Step Mashing with John Palmer John Palmer, author of How To Brew, helps us learn about step mashing, when it should be utilized, when it should not, and how to do it. Also, it's a long show full of Meltdown, Japanese education, and listener calls.
08/12 Chris and Mike White, Chris Graham, Yeast Starters An all star cast, including the brothers Chris and Mike White from White Labs Yeast Company, Shaun O'Sullivan from the 21st Amendment and Chris Graham from MoreBeer! We discuss yeast in-depth, including counting yeast, proper starters and pitching rates, blending yeast, propagation techniques and much more. Plus tons of fun and GABF giveaways to boot.
08/19 Chris Graham Chris Graham joins the brewcasters in the studio and talks about gadgets to make brewing easier and more fun. He gives a top ten list of things he can no longer brew without, from his lecture given at NHC this year.
08/26 Jamil Zainasheff, John Palmer & Mike McDole; Temperature Control Jamil, John, Mike and Doc give tips and tricks of temp control from mashing to serving and everything in between. Also sad listener brewing mishaps and fun with producer Shat.
09/09 GABF Giveaway/100th Show The brewcasters are joined by Rock Bottom Brewmaster Dave Peacock who talks about recipe formulation and cask conditioning. The BN Army surprises the brewcasters with a special tribute for the 100th show that makes Brewcaster J cry like a sissy.
09/16 Drew Beechum Drew Beechum of the Maltose Falcons and Beer Advocate Magazine joins the brewcasters in the studio to share his beer and homebrew knowledge. They discuss his famous champagne beer, oat malt, brew setups and experimental brewing.
09/23 Rogue Ales John Maier, Brewmaster of Rogue Ales joins the brewcasters to talk about homebrewing, pro brewing, recipe formulation and the fabulous beers of Rogue. They also discuss how to build a kegerator with Doc and Shat the Producer, and have a great time tasting various beers. Plus a cameo by the great John Palmer!
09/30 Magic Hat Brewing Company Todd Haire of Magic Hat Brewing Company joins the brewcasters to discuss the wild world of Magic Hat. They discuss brewing with non-traditional ingredients, kreusening, top-cropping ale yeast, hop backing, and much more. He's a great guest who's a lot of fun! They also participate in a worldwide toast to the late and truly great beer writer Michael Jackson.
10/11 GABF Live show Our first of three live shows from the 2007 Great American Beer Festival features Greg Koch, CEO of Stone Brewing Company and Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head as well as beer jeopardy at its finest! Not to mention Jamil Zainasheff co-hosting and the lovely Courtney helping to "Vanna" our gameshow!
10/12 GABF Live show Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker, Florian Kuplent of Anheuser Busch and Jim Koch of The Boston Beer Co. all join this all star broadcast from the main stage of the Great American Beer Festival as our coverage continues. We talk about festival participation, great beer only available at the GABF and get a little Beer Jeopardy in too.
10/13 GABF Live show Our third live broadcast from the Great American Beer Festival features three fantastic guests from around the U.S. including Jaimi Floyd from Ninkasi Brewing Company, Kevin Reed from Rock Bottom and Garrett Marrero from Maui Brewing Co. It's a rowdy one done during the Saturday afternoon session of the GABF, but gives you a feel for what it's like as the GABF wraps up.
10/21 Colin Kaminski Colin Kaminski, the Mad Scientist of brewing joins us in the studio to talk about brewing with wet hops and how to formulate recipes to do it ourselves. The Homebrew Chef Sean Paxton also joins in with his knowledge of growing hops at home. We also talk to Mike McDole about his Sam Adams Long Shot win and we wrap up our GABF trip during a great show back in the studio.
10/28 Laughing Dog Brewery Fred and Jerry of Laughing Dog Brewing join us for a lot of fun and brew info! We have a great time with these guys who embody the spirit of craft brewing and really cut loose with us as we talk brewing and the business of beer. We cover winter ales, imperial heff's and lots more. Sully also joins us later and we have some good ol' fashioned BN fun as the night goes on.
11/04 Clipper City Brewing Hugh Sisson from Clipper City Brewing of Baltimore, Maryland join us to talk about the beers and the deep history of the brewery in Maryland. We get to taste a variety of their Heavy Seas high gravity beers, and they are great! We also talk to Jamil about his book signings and have a great time with aweful tunes at the end.
11/11 Pyramid Brewing Simon Pesch from Pyramid Breweries joins us in the studio to talk about Pyramid's new Imperial Hefeweizen and their winter seasonal Snow Cap. We talk about the Weizen beers of Pyramid and how the Imperial Hef came to be. Also, we learn more about new chat mod Beevo, Mike McDole joins the show, and a Danish listener brings it strong and wins drunk of the week.
11/18 Shipyard Brewing Company Alan Pugsley, Master Brewer of Shipyard Brewing Company, joins us in the studio to talk about his extensive brewing history and the beers of shipyard. Don't miss out on the Hop Percolator and Ringwood yeast info here. Plus, a new game from JP, and of course, fun had by the cast...can you say Eiffel Tower?
12/02 Ralph Olsen, Ian Ward Ralph Olsen, President of Hopunion, and Ian Ward, President of Brewers Supply Group, join us on The Session to talk about the current Hop and Malt shortages in the beer industry. They both give a great perspective and explanation of the state of the industry and what to expect in the future. From hop varieties and availability, to the reasons malt has become so expensive, we cover it all and dispel the myths of this controversial topic.
12/09 Chris Graham Chris Graham from MoreBeer! and Doc cover three great ways to build a brewhouse at home. From backyard and garage brewing to stand alone brew meccas, these guys cover all the details you'll need to think about to build a great home brewery.
12/16 Upstream Brewing Company Zachary Triemert from Upstream Brewing Company joins us on our last show of 2007 to talk about the unique beers of Upstream and the distilling process as well. Fun ensues, legends are born. Part 2 of this session is posted elsewhere and is inappropriate for younger audiences and people who enjoy good radio.

2008 Brewcast Shows

Date Title Description
01/06 Lodi Brewing Jason Breatt if Lodi Brewing Company joins us in the studio to talk about homebrewing turned pro-brewing, experimenting with new hops and brewing education, in our first show of 2008. We also talk to surprise guest Matt Brynildson of Firestone Walker, catch up with Doctor Scott, and present the Second Annual Brewing Network Awards! This show is waaaaay too long and tons of fun...enjoy!
01/13 Doc's return Doc returns to the studio this week and guides us through his entire brew process, from planning to drinking. It's a very informative show with lots of tips and tricks for brewers of every skill level. This is only part one of the show, which contains all of the relevant beer and brewing information. Part two contains Brewcaster J's shocking revelation and lots of other non beer related fun and antics.
01/20 New Glarus Brewing Company Dan Carey of New Glarus Brewing Company joins us on The Session to talk about the famous beers from Wisconsin. Also, Beevo earns a well deserved drunk of the week.
02/03 BN Bowl / Smuttynose Brewing Company / Chelsea Brewing The first ever BN Bowl features Dave Yarrington of Smuttynose Brewing representing new England and Chris Sheehan of Chelsea Brewing representing New York. These guys are great sports and we have a blast talking beer, brewing and trivia! We have a great time with Shaun O'Sullivan co-hosting, Schuman covering half time, and celebrating producer Shat's birthday.
02/17 Celebrator Beer News' 20th anniversary party Live from the Celebrator Beer News' 20th anniversary party at the Oakland Convention Center. It's a great mix of fantastic beer and industry who's whos' as we interview brewers, writers, the founders of Celebrator, publisher Tom Daldorf and many more!
02/24 Iron Hill Brewery Chris LaPierre from Iron Hill Brewing Company joins The Session this week to talk about their many beers, homebrewing, barrel aging and sour beer. We also talk to, recap Beevo's wedding, taste some listener beer and have a great time despite Justin's nasty hangover and bad attitude. It's another long and fun show where Doc reappears as his old self and age old questions are answered!
03/02 Jamil Zainasheff Jamil Zainasheff returns to The Session to discuss brewing for the upcoming National Homebrew Competition. Tasty McDole and Jamil cover all things competition to get you producing the best beer possible and have a strong showing at the largest homebrew competition in the world.
03/09 William Brand Bay Area beer journalist William Brand joins us in the studio to talk about the history of beer writing and how the media treats beer today. We also taste some listener beer, Shaun O'Sullivan helps out and emerging rock star Shat Stevens sings the BN's new hit single. Oh and Producer Shat's mom calls in for the first time ever!
03/23 De Struise Brouwers; Ebenezer's Pub The best brewers in the world, according to and the best pub on earth, according to Beer Advocate Magazine, and the best chef on earth, according to Brewcaster J, are all in one place right here on The Session! Never again will they all be in your living room. Listen as Urbain and Carlo, live from Belgium, and Chris Lively, live from Maine, and Sean Paxton, live in studio, talk about amazing beer, the culture of beer and a brand new venture here in the U.S. that will bring Belgium home to you. Roger Davis, from Drakes also joins us in the studio as we do another marathon broadcast.
03/30 Blue Mountain Brewery Blue Mountain Brewery joins us on The Session to talk about growing hops and brewing beer in Virginia. Owner/Brewer Taylor Smack tells all about starting the company, growing the hops, and the beer that results. We also discuss BN Champions Tasty, JP and Shat, taste listener beers, and Beevo cries due to a jerky listener... Always action packed here at The BN.
04/06 Mike Milemm; Stu Stuart Homebrewer and MoreBeer! welder Mike Milemm joins us in the studio to talk about brewing sour beers at home. He's been doing it for 10 years and has brewed some fine beers and experimented plenty to hone his craft. We are also joined by Stu Stuart from to talk about Belgian beer tours and Chris and Morgan, brewers at North Coast Brewing Company, also sit in for an action packed show with more topics than one beer show should have...unless you're a 4 hour beer show
04/13 Dan Gordon Part III Dan Gordon of Gordon Biersch joins The Session once again to discuss brewing traditional German beers including their new Dunkelwiezen. We also discuss brewing lagers and proper yeast health. To make it even better, the show also marks the return of Beer Jeopardy, and while we are at it, Beevo and J bring it strong in a true German drink off.
04/27 Sacramento Brewing Company Peter Hoey of Sacramento Brewing Company joins us on the program to talk about single hop beers and his new barrell program at Sac Brew. Peter covers a ton of information and shares his knowledge with us. We also cover the 2008 Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego.
05/04 Bend Brewing Company The 2008 Small Brewpub of the Year and Brewmaster of the Year winner Tonya Cornett from Bend Brewing Company joins us on The Session to talk about her victory at The World Beer Cup, what it's like to be a female in the brewing industry, and the many beers she likes to brew at Bend. We also cover some results and judging of the first round of NHC 2008.
05/18 Terrapin Beer Company; Big Joe Hurt Brewmaster Brian "Spike" Buckowski from Terrapin Brewery in Georgia joins us in the studio to talk about their unique history and beers, including a homebrew recipe for their award winning rye pale ale and their fantastic Wake and Bake Stout that you need to know about if you want to brew a coffee stout. Plus we also get a surprise performance from bluesman Big Joe Hurt who rocks some great blues/soul for us.
05/25 Jamil Zainasheff Jamil Zainasheff joins us on the Session to help homebrewers decipher competition score sheet comments. Jamil covers accurate and not so accurate judging and how to make the most from your score sheets.
06/01 Furthermore Beer Aran Madden of Furthermore in Spring Green Wisonsin joins us on The Session to talk about Partner Brewing and the wonderful beer of Furthermore. The whole cast of theBN, without exception, is blown away by these beers! Wonderful, flavorful and brewed with unique ingredients, the beers of Furthermore stand up to the test and Aran teaches us about brewing beer with cider, pepper and tips about adding candy sugar. Also, Shaun O'Sullivan is back in action with the Brewcasters this week, and so is crazy bitch. You don't want to miss it!
06/08 Mike Mraz Award winning homebrewer Mike Mraz joins us on The Session to talk about some experiments he's done with bottle conditioning beer with different yeasts, including wine yeasts, and brewing 100 percent bret beers with all four different kinds of bret. We go through tasting every step of his process and cover great brewing techniques using non-traditional brewing yeasts. We also do a taste off of a couple NHC 2008 bound brews.

2006 Jamil Shows

Date Style
01/16 Russian Imperial Stout
01/30 Ordinary Bitter
02/13 Maibock
02/27 Dry Stout
03/13 Witbier
03/27 Oktoberfest
04/10 American Pale Ale
04/24 Fruit Beer
05/08 Robust Porter
05/22 Classic American Pilsner
06/05 Bavarian Weizen
06/19 Kolsch and Dusseldorf Altbier
07/17 American Brown Ale
07/31 California Common
08/14 Mild
08/28 Belgian Pale Ale
09/11 Imperial IPA
09/25 Munich Helles
10/09 Scottish Ales
10/23 Spice Beers
11/06 Standard Cider
11/20 Schwarzbier
12/04 Other Smoked Beers

2007 Jamil Shows

Date Style
01/15 American Barleywine
01/29 Flanders Red Ale
02/12 Roggenbier
02/26 Eisbock
03/12 American Amber Ale
03/26 Belgian Dark Strong Ale
04/09 Southern English Brown Ale
04/23 Bohemian Pilsener
05/07 Specialty Beer
05/21 Extra Special/Strong Bitter (Pale Ale)
06/04 Blonde Ale
06/18 German Pilsener (Pils)
07/02 American IPA
07/16 English Barleywine
07/30 Wood Aged Beer
08/13 Sweet Stout
08/27 American Wheat or Rye Beer
09/10 Saison
09/24 Christmas/Winter Spiced Beer
10/08 Berliner Weisse
10/22 Brown Porter
11/05 Lite/Standard/Premium/Dark American Lager
11/19 Dortmunder Export
12/03 Weizenbock
12/17 Strong Scotch Ale
12/31 Belgian Golden Strong Ale

2008 Jamil Shows

Date Style
01/14 Munich Dunkel
01/28 Northern English Brown Ale
02/11 Oatmeal Stout
02/25 Doppelbock
03/10 Bière de Garde
03/24 Special/Best/Premium Bitter
04/07 Dunkelweisen
04/21 Classic Rauchbier
05/05 Irish Red Ale
05/19 Baltic Porter
06/02 Lambic/Gueuze/Fruit Lambic
06/16 Belgian Specialty Ale

2006 Lunch Meet Shows

Date Description
02/03 The first Friday Show with JP and Justin.
02/10 They got a guy to smoke hops on the air.
02/17 A fun Friday with advice from Jamil.
02/24 The debut of the very first Lunch Meet LIMPics.
03/03 The one month anniversary show.
03/10 No-Pants Friday show! The you dish it out, so take a little back show.
03/17 St. Patty’s day tribute!
03/24 More Lunch Meet
03/31 More and more Lunch Meet!
04/07 Celebration of the repealing of Prohibition and listeners drinking yeast for prizes.
04/28 Return of Lunch Meet to The Brewing Network. JP wraps up his trip to the World Cup of Beer.
05/05 JP and Justin celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
05/19 Lunch Meet at its best. Morgan gives tips on how to fix a malt bomb and JP isn’t stumped.
05/26 Uhh…it’s Lunch Meet!
06/02 Lunch Meet with Oz!
06/09 Yet another Lunch Meet with Oz…California brings it weak!
06/16 More meat for your lunch pleasure…
06/30 Tons of abnormal news and some sever ranting.
07/07 Good Noon, with Morgan from EJ Phair.
07/14 Part 1 of the lost episodes series.
07/21 Part 2 of the lost episodes series.
08/04 Part 3 of the lost episodes series…exciting isn’t it?
08/11 The not lost episode. Good Noon.
08/18 Good Noon, Lunch Meet for everyone…
09/01 This one rocks! That is all!
09/08 Moldy and way out of date Lunch meet.
09/22 Lunch Meet Substitute- “The Butchers”. Lunch Meet loyalists Push & Sven get fed up with a lack of Lunch Meet and take matters into their own hands! This is the Butchers!
10/06 News on the Hop Fire.
10/13 Plight of the poor man.
10/20 A lot more Lunch that Meat.
11/03 A lot of talk about human waste…
11/10 The Final Word on the Final Word.
11/17 Rich Norgrove Sr. of Bear Republic Brewing Company checks in to fill us in about a water crisis in Healdsburg.
12/08 Lunch Meet…more meat, less lunch. Congratulations to Chris Graham at B3.
12/15 JP and Justin rule the airwaves with another edition of Lunch meet. Also announce the last podcast registrant!

2007 Lunch Meet Shows

Date Description
01/05 JP and Justin are back and better (or worse depending on how you look at it) than ever.
01/12 Lunch Meet attacks fat kids and women who smuggle things into prison. Plus whatever else may have happened during this hour of Lunch Meet power!
01/19 JP and Justin do what they do best, which, contrary to popular belief, is pretty much nothing... enjoy!
02/02 This is the one-year anniversary episode of Lunch Meet and... it's... umm... just as good as it ever was.
02/16 A review of with its founder, JP newsteam news, and someone in the Philippines loses important body parts. It's your typical Lunch Meet...
03/02 A crude and vulgar Lunchmeet experience... go figure.
03/16 JP and Justin do what they do... and it's, umm, great... and stuff.
03/30 The great Jon Plise joins The Lunch Meet.
05/25 Lunchmeet returns from wherever it goes when it's gone.
06/08 More meat, less... uh... other stuff.
07/06 The Meat is back with great news coverage and a good noon!
07/20 Great news coverage dominates The Meat!
08/03 The Meat appears.
08/17 It's Lunch Meet... who cares?
09/14 Introducing... more Meat!
09/28 Lunch Meet at its just finest.
11/02 Lunch Meet all fresh from a break.
11/09 Lunch Meet - fighting the good fight.

Butchers Shows

Date Description
09/22/07 The first Butchers show with Push Eject and Sven. Outraged by missed Lunch Meet shows, loyalists take matters into their own hands.
12/22/07 A Very Butchered Christmas - Infectious holiday infections for your enjoyment.
12/28/07 A Very Butchered Christmas 2 (AKA A Very Butchered Boxing Day) - Push and Sven return with a special guest for 2007.


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