The Big Toe Radio Show

The Big Toe Radio Show was a daily show (seven days a week) for children on the DAB radio station BBC 7 at breakfast time and from 4-6pm. It was aimed at children aged nine to eleven. It featured music, games, stories read from well-known books such as those by Roald Dahl and fun. It began in December 2002, at the start of BBC7.

A notable feature was the involvement of children in the making of the programme. Each day, three children were invited to the specially-designed studios at Broadcasting House. Becoming part of the Big Toe team for the day, the children could see the 'behind-the-scenes' aspects of making a radio programme. If they wished, they could also take part in the on-air features, often having the opportunity of interviewing visiting guests such as musicians, authors, scientists, and sports stars.

Its counterpart was the hour-long Little Toe Radio Show for children beginning school of age four to seven, which was broadcast daily at 7am and 3pm. In 2003, the Big Toe Reporter's Club was formed where children reported on current affairs pertaining to them – often very different from topics found on conventional current affairs programmes.

The Big Toe Radio Show ended on 16 March 2007 and has now changed to the hour-long Big Toe Books at 7am, and CBeebies Radio from 2-5pm. Both shows were the first national radio programmes aimed at children and were popular, as there is little (if any) national radio broadcasting aimed at these age groups. CBeebies offers a similar content for a similar age group on digital TV.

Former presenters

Current presenters

The main presenters were....

Other presenters who only present when not busy:


  • Monday - The Spooky Spooky Monster Game
  • Tuesday - Farts 'n' Parps
  • Thursday - Brain Box
  • Friday - Pick a Pair!

Days of the week, different shows

  • Monday - Big Toe's Big Mouth
  • Tuesday - Books, Books, Books!
  • Wednesday - The Music Show
  • Thursday - Random Show
  • Friday - Sports Toe!
  • Saturday - Clippings and Reports
  • Sunday - Big Toe Big Story


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