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Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time

Stanford Wong Flunks Big-Time is a novel by Lisa Yee. It shows Stanford's point of view in Millicent Min, Girl Genius.


Stanford Wong is going to have a horrible summer. First, he flunks 6th grade english. Then, he has to swap basketball camp for a summer course in english. And of course, his torturous language arts teacher is the one who teaches the summer course. What's more is that Stanford will have to be tutored by Millicent Min, a genius, grade-skipper, and the symbol of Chinese geekdom. Because of her, all teachers expect all Chinese students to be miniature Einsteins.

Stanford's summer plans are now shattered. He can't attend basketball camp where his basketball idol, Alan Scott, will be coaching. With star power, Stanford rocks the court, but will he be able to pass the summer course? Failure would mean officially being held back in 6th grade, not that that means anything to Stanford. But if Stanford can't go to 7th grade, he can't play on the basketball team- as the only 7th grader chosen for the A-team, moving forward means a lot to Stanford.

However, Stanford can't tell his friends, the Roadrunners. Their names are Gus, Tico, Stretch (Steven), and Digger. Let them know, and he must kiss his social life goodbye. Or so he thinks. Let Emily Ebers, the girl of his dreams know, and he must kiss this possible girl friend goodbye. Or so he thinks. Can Stanford keep this secret- forever?

When the truth finally surfaces, Stanford finds his real friends-his teammates- still standing by his side.


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