Make Your Own-opoly

Make Your Own-opoly is a board game manufactured by TDC Games. Based on the popular board game Monopoly, it allows one to customize the game's various attributes using a PC program and a color printer. The game won the 2001 Hobby Outlook "Educational Item of the Year" award.

Game contents

The game includes:

  • A blank game board
  • A CD with the customization software
  • Seven sheets of paper templates to be printed onto
  • A pair of dice
  • Six generic tokens
  • Instructions
  • Another Book

Comparisons to Monopoly

Many game features that were present in the original version of Monopoly have been removed in Make Your Own-opoly. These include:

  • Houses and Hotels.
  • Eight missing spaces: an official Monopoly board has four rows with ten spaces on each; 40 spaces in total. Make Your Own-opoly has four rows of eight spaces; totaling 32 spaces.
  • Chance and Community Chest cards; 12 "Bad news" and "Good news" cards are used instead (presumably due to legal reasons)
  • Railroads are among the missing spaces (again, due to legal reasons)
  • Free Parking is changed to a "Roll again" space, Jail becomes "Lose a Turn" and Go to Jail becomes "Fate" for unknown reasons (presumably legal reasons).

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