Verchaix is a commune in the Alpine Haute-Savoie Department of France and part of the Samoëns canton.


Verchaix is located on a small plateau above the north bank of the river Giffre. The commune spans an altitude of 654m to 2092m.


There are a small number of hotels and restaurants and Verchaix is a summer and skiing holiday destination.

Population, Culture & Gastronomy

Population was recorded in 1999 as 558, although this is likely to be much higher now due to new building since that time. Verchaix has a significant non-French population and there is a conspicuous concentration of English retirees. It has become customary for this group to meet regularly to drink aperitifs and consume small pizza-like hors-d'oeuvres. Conversation revolves around local politics with occasional forays into bi-lingualism.


Since 2001 the commune mayor has been Yvon Denambride and his term is due to last until 2008.


The name Verchaix is taken from the verdant south-facing slopes that have traditionally been used in viticulture.

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