bevel faced hammer

Genius (cartoon)

Genius was a newspaper cartoon series by Glaswegian artist John Glashan that appeared in The Observer newspaper from 1978 to 1983.

The chief characters were Anode Enzyme and Lord Doberman; their adventures were mostly surreal and the humour relied heavily upon Glashan's imaginative watercolor artwork.

Anode Enzyme

Anode Enzyme was the chief protagonist (along with Lord Doberman) of "Genius". With an IQ of 12790 (was 12794-but lost 4 points watching TV) and only requiring 7 minutes of sleep a day, Anode Enzyme is characterised by his genius. He meets Lord Doberman, the world's richest man, and devises ways of getting rid of his wealth by inventing a machine that fires 40 TV sets into the sea every minute and a device that can stack £300,000,000 into a continuous pile. Other inventions include a paint that incorporates its own paint stripper, a "Doom Module" that runs in terror from anything that moves, and a game that involves striking a solid malanine sphere, coach bolted to a billiard table with a 3lb vanadium steel, leather faced hammer - one point for each hit.

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