between the sheets

Between the Sheets (TV series)

Between the Sheets is a 2003, British television mini series. This carnal drama is based around the love life and sexual hangups of several different couples that we find are all linked in some way. Emotional, touching, and sometimes humorous, you follow the story of these couples as they are forced to face their demons.

Hazel Delany walks out on her husband on the eve of her daughters wedding. Hazel is upset at nightclub owner husband, Peter, because of his string of affairs. Peter is annoyed at his wife's lack of interest in sex, and exasperated that his mother is getting more than him. They eventually to see a sex therapist to overcome their difficulties. Peter is hiding a secret about one of his ex-mistresses and Hazel has a sexual awakening in the arms of younger man.

Peter's son, Simon has left a long term relationship. His mother pushes him to reconcile and marry his girlfriend after she admits to Hazel that she is pregnant. He is reluctant, as he has fallen for one of his fathers nightclub hostess's.

Highly sexed Alona Cunningham works as a sex therapist, yet finds her boyfriend Paul, reticent in the bedroom. Paul works as a probation officer and reveals that he is being accused of having sex with one of his 15 year old clients. As the investigations into Paul's alleged misconduct, she also catches her teenage son sleeping with the au pair, and through the stress of all this considers an affair. The couple end up seeing one of Alona's colleagues for therapy.


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