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[fawr-suhm, fohr-]
A foursome is a form of group sex involving four people of any gender combination.

Types of foursomes

The level of sexual activity among the four members may vary greatly. Other foursomes may involve some same sex contact, and some foursomes actively involve all four members.

Wife Swapping

One couple swapping partners with another couple. In this type of foursome each man trades partners, or swaps wives with each other, and has sexual intercourse with them. This is the most common type of foursome.

Soft Swinging

Some foursomes may involve one couple who has a voyeur role. Sometimes the invited couple is there for enhancing the experience which does not involve having intercourse with the other couple, each couple having sex with their own partner, but in the same room as the other couple. This is sometimes referred to as soft-swinging.


In this type of foursome three males have sex with one female, usually the woman's husband and two invited men. This is called a gangbang. A favorite activity in this form of gangbang is when sexual intercourse and anal sex are performed on the woman by two men in a double penetration, while the woman gives the third man a blow job.


A quad is a romantic relationship involving four people. It is most commonly used to describe a love relationship between two couples where it takes the form of a square (in which all four people have a love relationship with each other).

While it can refer to two people independently romantically linked with two others, it usually implies that each of the four people has some kind of sexual relationship to the other two. The relationships are normally friendships, though romantic. Addition of bisexual or homosexual characters adds many possible combinations of sexes, and of romantic and sexual interactions.


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