bertie bierstadt


[beer-stat; Ger. beer-shtaht]
This article is about the city; there is also an artist named Albert Bierstadt.
Bierstadt is a district of Wiesbaden located in the eastern part of the city. It has about 12,500 inhabitants. The medieval landmark, the Bierstadter Warte is located on a height between Wiesbaden and a subdivision. The town was incorporated into Wiesbaden on April 10, 1928.

The subdivision has a library and 4 schools including 2 primary schools:

  • Hermann-Löns-Schule
  • Robert-Koch-Schule

A middle school named Theodor-Fliedner-Schule and a gymnasium named Martin-Niemöller-Gymnasium, used to be known as Oberstufengymnasium am Moltkering.

Bierstadt has two churches. One roman-catholic St. Birgid and one Protestant church. The Protestant church is one of the oldest churches in Wiesbaden. It is mentioned the first time in 927ac. The building which still stands today was built between 1080ac and 1100ac.

Bierstadt is next to the Aukammtal and has access to the German route 455.

The German name Bierstadt means Beer Town, although no breweries are located here. In fact the name Bierstadt comes from holy Saint Birgid or Brigitta of Kildare from Ireland.

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