Bernardim Ribeiro

Bernardim Ribeiro

Ribeiro, Bernardim, 1482?-1552?, Portuguese poet. Ribeiro was a figure at the Lisbon court and is said to have gone mad after an unhappy love affair. Saudades, or Menina e moça (1554), recounts the affair. In part a tale of chivalry and in part a pastoral romance, it is remarkable for its prevailing tone of melancholy, for the music of its language, and for the haunting, romantic concept of love that it presents.
Bernardim Ribeiro (1482, Torrão, Portugal - October 1552, Lisbon) was a Portuguese poet and writer. His father, Damião Ribeiro, was implicated in the conspiracy against John II of Portugal. His Livro das saudades mostly known as Menina e moça for its first line is one of the finest examples of the genre of shepherd romance in Renaissance literature.


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