berkeley software design, inc

Berkeley Software Design

Berkeley Software Design Inc. (BSDI or, later, BSDi) was a corporation which developed, sold licences to, and supported BSD/OS (previously known as BSD/386), a commercial and partially proprietary variant of the BSD Unix operating system for PC compatible computer systems. It was founded by former members of the Computer Sciences Research Group at Berkeley (Donn Seeley, Mike Karels, William Jolitz, and Trent Hein), and the name was chosen for its similarity to "Berkeley Software Distribution" the source of its primary product. It contributed code and resources back to the open source BSD community.

In 2000, the company merged with Walnut Creek CDROM, a distributor of CD content, Iron Systems, Inc., an ISP infrastructure provider and later acquired Telenet systems. In 2001, it sold its software engineering activities to Wind River Systems and renamed itself iXsystems, with plans to specialize in hardware. iXsystems' server business was acquired in 2002 by Offmyserver.

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