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[ber-dyansk; Russ. byir-dyahnsk]
Berdyansk, city (1989 pop. 133,000), in SE Ukraine on the Berdyansk Gulf of the Sea of Azov. It is a port and a rail terminus. Industries include fishing and fish processing, flour milling, oil refining, and the production of machinery, cables, and clothing. Berdyansk is also a health and seaside resort. The city was founded in 1827. From 1939 to 1958 it was called Osipenko.
Berdyansk (Бердянськ, translit. Berdyans’k, Бердянск, Berdyansk) is a port city in the Zaporizhia Oblast (province) of south-central Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Berdyansky Raion (district), the city itself is directly subordinate to the oblast, and is located on the northern coast of the Sea of Azov.

The current estimated population is around 125,000 (as of 2001).

Berdyansk is also home to a health resort with mud-baths and climatic treatments.


The city was founded in 1827 under the name Berdy, which in 1830 was changed to Novo-Nogaisk (see Nogai). Its present name was given to the city in 1842.

Between 1939 and 1958 it was known as Osipenko, the name now used by the nearby village Osypenko.

The main cultural and educational institutions of Berdyansk are its Gallery of paintings, Museum of Natural Sciences, the Pedagogical Institute, and the Medical college. The Museum of City History was to be opened in September 2005.


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