Benxi or Pen-hsi, city (1994 est. pop. 805,400), S Liaoning prov., China. It is an important heavy industrial center with rich iron and coal mines. Founded as a metallurgical center in 1915, it lies on the railroad from Shenyang (Mukden) to North Korea. The name sometimes appears as Pen-ch'i or Penki.
Benxi is a prefecture-level city located in the Liaoning province of China, south-southeast of Shenyang. Population: 1567000. It was founded as a metallurgical center in 1915. Bengang is the largest steel manufacturer in Benxi. Benxi has pollution problems due to the proximity of steel production. Compared to its more wealthy neighbour Shenyang, Benxi city has poor transportation infrastructure and waste management. The countryside, however, has rivers and limestone cliffs around Guanmenshan Forest garden where the forest acers turn bright red in Autumn.

Tourist Activities

A river 3,000 meters long, 2 meters deep and wide enough for 20-30 boats, is found flowing through a giant 5 million-year cave 35 km from downtown Benxi. The cave is also filled with countless stalactites and stone flowers, pillars and curtains.

Administrative Divisions

Benxi contains 4 districts and 2 autonomous counties for the Manchu nation:

Within these there are 25 counties, 40 villages and towns, 229 communities and 289 village committees.


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