Jane Bee

Jane Bee is the name of a fictional character, the protagonist of several murder mystery novels by the Canadian author Douglas Whiteway (under the penname C. C. Benison). In each one, a murder takes place at one of Queen Elizabeth's estates, and Her Majesty asks Jane to solve the crime, giving her some clues and helpful information as she goes along.

Jane is a young woman from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, whose father Steve is a retired Mountie; her mother Ann is a journalist, and she has two older sisters (all back in Canada) and a great-aunt Grace who lives near London. Jane was staying with Grace when she answered a newspaper ad for a job and thus became a maid on the royal staff.

Books in the series

  • Death at Buckingham Palace (1996)
  • Death at Sandringham Palace (1996)
  • Death at Windsor Castle (1998)
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