Benet, Juan, 1927-93, Spanish novelist and essayist. He earned a degree in civil engineering and worked as a highway engineer before publishing (1961) his first work, Nunca llegarás a nada [you'll never amount to anything]. He gained major success in 1967 with his novel, Volverás a Región [you will return to Región], set in a mythical area of Spain called Región. He returned to this setting in A Meditation (1969, tr. 1983); Benet received critical acclaim for his experimental and complex style. Other works include En el estado [in the state] (1977).
Benet's Reader's Encyclopedia of American Literature was published in 1991 by Harper Collins Publishers. The book contains facts on American authors' major and lesser works, summarizes the critical consensus, gives biographical information and often lists secondary biographical and critical works.


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