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Tex Benedict

"Tex Benedict" is a British professional wrestler who works for many independent promotions throughout the United Kingdom.


Tex Benedict began his wrestling career aged 15, with , in Kent making his debut against Sebastien P. Sterling. Tex learned under the tuition of former FWA champion Justin Richards.

Tex had worked regularly since 1997, in which time he has appeared for many promotions in the UK and in the United States of America. Tex has worked for All Star Wrestling, the FWA, British Championship Wrestling based in Scotland, Revolution British Wrestling, Combat Sports Federation and LDN, as well as many other now defunct promotions. Tex has twice toured the United States of America where he wrestled for the National Wrestling League based in Maryland and for Chikara.

Whilst competing for British Championship Wrestling, Tex Benedict gained his first ever championship, by defeating "Thee" Drew Galloway to lift the vacant Cruiserweight title. Tex held this title for a record 2 years 109 days, before losing the title to Liam Thompson following interference from Lionheart. Tex Benedict was involved in the most memorable of storylines in British Championship Wrestling history, when he used a personal story that was on the front page of The Daily Record to launch a scathed attacked on Lionheart, who would wind up getting his own back in the harshest of ways by costing Tex Benedict his first title in professional wrestling.

In June 2006, Tex Benedict captured the British Welterweight Championship from Kid Regis in Walthamstow, London on an LDN show. Tex Benedict continues to hold this championship, and seeks to defend it at every available opportunity. In September 2006, Tex Benedict won the LDN British Championship in Enfield London. He held this title until January 2007, when Notorious Jon Ritchie defeated him.

Tex Benedict can be seen wrestling on Sky TV on channel 427 TWC Fight! as part of LDN Capital TV. Tex has wrestled in some notable matches, including a steel cage match against Team H8 from Combat Sports Federation from Yate.

Whilst wrestling for the FWA Tex Benedict faced current World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Paul Birchall. Tex Benedict has also faced many other greats, including World Of Sport legend Johnny Kidd, Pro wrestling NOAH regular Doug Williams and his trainer Justin Richards.

Tex Benedict also produces and stars in Tex TV, a comedy TV show designed for You Tube and MySpace.

Tex Benedict is proudly Jewish and has appeared in The Jewish News many times. Tex Benedict was also nominated for the Pentland Jewish Sports Personality of the year in both 2004 and 2006.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves

*The Benedict Solution
*The George W Bushwhacker

Championship and accomplishments

  • British Championship Wrestling

*Cruiserweight Champion (1 time)

  • LDN

*LDN British Champion (1 time)

  • Mountevans

*British Welterweight Champion (1 time, current)

Job titles

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