Beneath... Between... Beyond...

Beneath... Between... Beyond... is an album released in 2004 by the band Static-X. It is a compilation of previously unreleased tracks, remixes, cover versions, and the band's original demo tracks. Surprisingly, the track with the same title appeared as a bonus track on iTunes version of the band's album "Cannibal".

Track listing

  1. "Breathe" – 2:32
  2. "Deliver Me" – 2:37 (From The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake soundtrack.)
  3. "Anything But This" – 4:03 (From the single Black and White, also available on the Resident Evil movie soundtrack and Japanese imports of Machine.)
  4. "S.O.M." – 3:22 (From The Death Trip Continues, also available on the MTV Return of the Rock Vol.1)
  5. "Down" – 3:15 (On a rare edition of Wisconsin Death Trip, also available on the single for the song Push It)
  6. "Head" – 2:46 (Previously unreleased studio B-Side from Wisconsin Death Trip recording session. Different than the ECW Anarchy Rocks soundtrack version)
  7. "So Real" – 5:40 (From The Death Trip Continues, also available on Scream 3: The Album)
  8. "Crash" – 3:35 (From the animated movie Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, also available on Mephisto Odyssey's album "The Deep Red Connection")
  9. "Push It (JB's Death Trance Mix)" – 3:32
  10. "I'm With Stupid (Paul Barker Remix)" – 4:32
  11. "Burning Inside" – 4:14 (Cover of the Ministry song featuring Burton C. Bell, also available on the movie soundtrack to The Crow: Salvation.)
  12. "Behind the Wall of Sleep" – 3:32 (Cover of the Black Sabbath song From the Nativity in Black, Vol. 2 Tribute Album)
  13. "Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment" – 2:03 (Cover of the Ramones song. This song was intended to be included on the Ramones tribute album We're a Happy Family - A Tribute To Ramones but was dropped from the final track listing.)
  14. "I Am (demo)" – 2:55 (Recorded in 1996)
  15. "Love Dump (demo)" – 4:28 (Recorded in 1996)
  16. "Get to the Gone (live rehearsal demo)" – 2:30 (''Live rehearsal footage recorded in 2000)
  17. "New Pain (demo)" – 2:49 (Recorded in 2002)
  18. "Otsegolectric (demo)" – 2:53 (Recorded in 2002)

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