bend the elbow

Cowards Bend the Knee

Cowards Bend the Knee (also known as The Blue Hands) is a 2003 film by Guy Maddin, starring Darcy Fehr and Melissa Dionisio.

This short (64 minute) surrealist film is a reworking of an autobiographical project originally imagined as a peep-show. It is divided into ten short sections, giving it the same sort of episodic quality as old silent matinee movies. References to Canada abound in this story of murder, abortion, revenge, amnesia, and ice hockey.


The project didn't start out as a film but as an art exhibit. It was shot for the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto. It was conceived to be viewed through ten peep holes each showing six minutes of the film. It was later turned into a full length feature for the theatre showings.

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