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The End of an Ear

The End of an Ear is the debut solo album by Soft Machine's Robert Wyatt. It was recorded in August 1970, while on a leave of absence from the band (which he would eventually exit the following year). Containing mostly free jazz and experimental music, with no lyrics (only vocal experimentation by Wyatt), it is an unusual album, and the only Wyatt solo where he plays drums. It includes Soft Machine's Elton Dean on saxophone and Caravan's David Sinclair on organ. About half of the album is filled by a two-part cover of Gil Evans' "Las Vegas Fandango". "To Carla, Marsha and Caroline (For Making Everything Beautifuller)" is based on the music of "Instant Pussy", a song Wyatt first recorded solo during a Soft Machine BBC session in late 1969, and eventually appeared, also in instrumental form, on the first Matching Mole album.

Track listing

  1. "Las Vegas Tango Part 1 (Repeat)" (G. Evans)
  2. "To Mark Everywhere" (R. Wyatt)
  3. "To Saintly Bridget" (R. Wyatt)
  4. "To Oz Alien Daevyd and Gilly" (R. Wyatt)
  5. "To Nick Everyone" (R. Wyatt)
  6. "To Caravan and Brother Jim" (R. Wyatt)
  7. "To the Old World (Thank You For the Use of Your Body, Goodbye)" (R. Wyatt)
  8. "To Carla, Marsha and Caroline (For Making Everything Beautifuller)" (R. Wyatt)
  9. "Las Vegas Tango Part 1" (G. Evans)

The song titles refer to the following people or groups: Mark Ellidge (Wyatt's half brother), Bridget St. John, Daevid Allen and Gilli Smyth, Nick Evans, Caravan and Jim Hastings, Kevin Ayers' The Whole World, Carla Bley, Marsha Hunt and Caroline Coon.


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