Benaiah, in the Bible. 1 One of David's warriors, faithful in David's old age to Solomon. 2 Warrior under David. 3 Levite of the reign of Hezekiah. 4 Father of Pelatiah.
Benaiah, son of the priest Jehoiada, was David's general for the army of the Kingdom of Israel. In Hebrew, his name means "God has built."

He was one of David's "mighty men" (I Chron. 27:6) who commanded the Cherethites and Pelethites. He was renowned for his heroism; with Zadok and Nathan, he kept his position under Solomon, and was appointed chief of Solomon's army.

In the Bible, Benaiah's story is told primarily in I Chronicles 27, II Samuel 23, and I Kings 1.

The stories of him follow that he once killed an eight foot tall Egyptian. Also he was said to have killed a lion in a snowy pit.

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