below zero

Below Zero (album)

Below Zero (1998) is an album by the American ambient musician Robert Rich. It is a compilation of work that were released on multi-artist collections, works created for such albums due later that year and previously unreleased tracks.

This is the second compilation of this type released by Robert Rich, the first being A Troubled Resting Place (1996). It also follows a similar style to A Troubled Resting Place, consisting of turbulent organic atmospheres.

Track listing

  1. "Star Maker" - 21:24
    1. "Interstellar Travel"
    2. "Worlds Innumerable"
    3. "The Beginning and the End"
    4. "The Myth of Creation"
  2. :(Originally released on Narratives: Works of Fiction, 1996.)
  3. "Dissolving the Seeds of a Moment" - 10:42
  4. :(Previously unreleased.)
  5. "A Flock of Metal Creatures Fleeing the Onslaught of Rust" - 7:02
  6. :(Recorded for the Multimood 10th Anniversary Compilation, released later in 1998.)
  7. "Termite Epiphany" - 8:16
  8. :(Recorded for Dry Lungs VI, released later in 1998.)
  9. "Liquid Air" - 9:00
  10. :(Originally released on From Here to Tranquility II, 1994.)
  11. "Requiem" - 7:35
  12. :(Originally released on Soundscapes Gallery, 1996.)

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