Drum-Believable is the second album released by Johnny Kalsi's Dhol Foundation. It was released in 2005 by Shakti Records, and features special guests including Mairead Nesbit on fiddle, Ustad Sultan Khan on vocals and sarangi, Sonia Panesar and Bee2 on vocals, and Transglobal Underground as producers.

Special Editions

Although officially released in 2005, 200 pre-release copies of the album were available for those who attended Womad Reading 2004 as a "festival edition." These are now a rarity.

Track listing

  1. Palace of Love
  2. Simply H
  3. After the Rain
  4. Ajaa Nach Lai
  5. Holy Thug
  6. Fistful of Dhollars
  7. Spirit East
  8. After Life
  9. Anyana Duniya
  10. Dark Star
  11. Jingo
  12. Breathe
  13. Dhol, Dark and Handsome (Live)


  • Album liner notes

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