[bel-uh-yuh; Russ. bye-luh-yuh]
Belaya [Rus.,=white], river, c.880 mi (1,420 km) long, Bashkortostan, E European Russia. It rises in the Ural Mts. and winds generally NW past Beloretsk, Sterlitamak (where it becomes navigable), and Ufa to join the Kama River. There are important oil fields in the Belaya River valley near Ufa.

Ust-Belaya (Усть-Бе́лая) is a village (selo) in Anadyrsky District of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Russia, located at the confluence of the Anadyr and the Belaya Rivers. Population: 936.

There is an important archaeological site of the Siberian Mesolithic period located here. The village is located in the immediate area where famous Chukchi reindeer herder Tenevil lived.

Ust-Belaya was formerly the administrative center of Anadyrsky District.

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