Joachim Garraud

Joachim Garraud, was born in 1968 in Nantes, is a French DJ, but he is also a remixer and producer. He is the producer of stars such as David Guetta, Geyster, Paul Johnson, Deep Dish, David Bowie, OMD, Kylie Minogue, Mylène Farmer, Cassius, Belamour, Kid Vicious, Saffron Hill, Culture Club, Ceronne, and Moby.

Known for his many collaborations with other DJs and musicians like David Guetta or Jean-Michel Jarre he animates a weekly emission on Radio FG where it offers new a mix (Zemixx) each week to its listeners before making it available on his Podcast. He is also the Co-founder of various labels:

His mixes are a mixture of traditional DJ and then he remixes live directly onto cd. Certain sounds which he employs had never been heard in House Music before.

Joachim is known for his energetic sets, using images to go with his sounds, as well as the keyboard, and for his setting in scene.


After studies in musicology (7 years at the Academy of Music Percussion and Piano), he decided to turn to electronic music where he met many successes. Primarily a DJ in Parisian club in his beginnings, little by little he started to become a true globetrotter while travelling to many countries where he established many contacts and exchanges with other DJs. He takes part in in many demonstrations related to electronic music (Coil Parade, Techno parades). In December 2005, his first compilation Club FG ZeMixx was released, from which the name is directly drawn from his podcasts, and in March 2007 he released the second volume, accompanied this time by a DVD.

He is featured on three of David Guetta's albums.

It should be noted that Joachim Garraud, within the framework of a partnership with Pioneer, took part in the development of turntable DVD VDJ-1000, allowing DJ's to mix the image as much as the sound.





As well as touring the above mentioned countries, Joachim regularly tours around France.


2007: Love Is Gone (with David Guetta & Chris Willis)

2007: Street Sounds

2008: Sharam - The One (Remix with David Guetta Remix)

2008: Invasion

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