The bedsheet format was the size of many magazines published in the United States in the first third of the 20th Century. Magazines in bedsheet format were roughly the size of Life Magazine but with square spines. One noteworthy bedsheet magazine was Amazing Stories, the first science fiction magazine, in April 1926. While the bedsheet size varied slightly from magazine to magazine, a standard bedsheet size is usually 9¾" x 12".

Dick Eney's Fancyclopedia II gives the following entry:

Bedsheet: A prozine size; 9x12. At various times Amazing, Wonder, Fantastic Adventures, ASF and Unknown Worlds attempted this size. The two latter, at least, were cut down by wartime paper shortage, and possibly by the keening of collectors who found these dimensions accident-prone.

Sometimes the description "bedsheet" has been applied to magazines of the bedsheet size but with stapled rather than square spines.

Magazines that published issues in this size


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