bedroom community

A Bedroom Community

A Bedroom Community is an album by Franklin Bruno. It was released in 1995 on Simple Machines label. It is Bruno's last LP to feature the lo-fi, stripped down sound reminiscent of the one utilized at the time by his friend and collaborator, John Darnielle.

Track listing

  1. "Then Again, Maybe I Won't"
  2. "Ghost Postage"
  3. "Cheat"
  4. "The Two Of You"
  5. "Uninsulated Wall"
  6. "The Lonelysocks Generation"
  7. "Layered Look"
  8. "At Marsh Ranch"
  9. "Great Fool"
  10. "Untitled"
  11. "A Frozen Lake"
  12. "Skipped A Grade"
  13. "For the Firedrill"
  14. "The Death of Vaudeville"

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