Bedlam: see Bethlem Royal Hospital.

Bedlam is the former name of Bethlem Royal Hospital, one of the first psychiatric hospitals in Western Europe.

Bedlam may also refer to:

  • Bedlam, North Yorkshire, a village in England
  • Bedlam, Shropshire, a small hamlet near Bitterley in Shropshire, England
  • Bedlam Furnaces, iron works which existed in the Ironbridge Gorge during the industrial revolution, in Shropshire
  • The Bedlam Series, the NCAA College Sports rivalry between the University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University
  • Bedlam Theatre, the venue of the Edinburgh University Theatre Company and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Bedlam, the nickname for Institute F.C.'s Riverside Stadium
  • Bedlam (film), a 1946 movie starring Boris Karloff
  • Bedlam cube, a toy invented by Bruce Bedlam
  • UFC 85: Bedlam, a mixed martial arts pay-per-view event

In music:

In literature:

  • Bedlam, a science fiction novel by John Brosnan
  • Bedlam Planet, a science fiction novel by John Brunner
  • Bedlam (comics), a Marvel Comics mutant character
  • Tom of Bedlam, a character in Shakespeare's play King Lear; a disguise of Edgar, the legitimate son of the Earl of Gloucester
  • Bedlam, a psychiatric hospital in the book Rebel Angels by Libba Bray
  • The Bedlam, a mentally impaired character in the play The Roses of Eyam
  • "Tom O'Bedlam", an anonymous poem written circa 1600

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