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The UIC MSA stands for the University of Illinois at Chicago Muslim Students Association. It is one of the largest MSAs in the nation and has over 100 active members.


The UIC MSA organizes such events as Friday prayer (Jummah), Ramadan iftaars, night classes every semester, and an Islamic Awareness Week every February. The MSA also fields a football team that competes against MSA football teams from Benedictine University, Loyola University, College of DuPage, and DePaul University. The UIC MSA had a (1-1-0) record in the 2007 season.


The UIC MSA organizes Ramadan iftaars (break-fasts) at sunset, Monday-Friday, during Ramadan. The food is usually catered from Islamic restaurants in the Chicago area including Indo-Pak restaurants on Devon, and Arab restaurants from the South Side. These iftaars are free for all fasting Muslims on campus and usually attract about 100 people.

Islam Awareness Week

The MSA runs an Islam Awareness Week every Spring semester in February. An all-out effort by the Muslims on campus, IAW features a free hot chocolate booth for those entering the Student Center East from the cold, a Dawah booth, and many lectures and classes throughout the week to educate people about Islam.


Jummah (Friday Prayer) is held every Friday when there is class in session. The prayer is held in Rathskeller, a room in the basement of the Atrium in the Student Center East. There are two prayers to accommodate people's class schedules. During Daylight Savings Time the prayers at are 1 and 2 pm, and during non-DST, they are at 12 and 1 pm.


The MSA is headed by a 9 person shura (council). Elections are held at the end of every Spring semester.

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