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List of Negima!: Magister Negi Magi characters

Main characters: Mahora Girls' Jr. High Class 2/3-A

Teacher: Negi Springfield

Negi Springfield is the teacher of Mahora Girls' Jr. High School class 3-A (formerly 2-A), and the main protagonist of the series. A nine and three quarters-year-old child prodigy adored by his students, Negi is also a mage, a fact that roughly half his class eventually comes to find out, despite his best efforts. Most of the class see him as a little brother rather than a teacher.


Class 2/3-A is considered one of the most rambunctious classes in the school known for energetic students. Though not all of them are aware of the fact, the class contains a wide assortment of characters, from the usual student athletes, bookworms, and cheerleaders, as well as a ninja, a ghost, an android, at least one half-demon, two super-geniuses (one of whom is from the future), and a vampire, among others.

Class groups

The students of 2/3-A can be divided into identifiable groups. Most of the terms used to identify the groups are used in sideline notes rather than in the actual story. Some, however, did play important parts in story lines and help identified students' relationship with one another.

Baka Rangers (literally "Idiot Rangers")
This after school study group (named after Super Sentai/Power Rangers shows in volume 1) features 5 members with the lowest grades in 2-A. Its members are Yue Ayase (Baka Black), Asuna Kagurazaka (Baka Red), Kū Fei (Baka Yellow), Makie Sasaki (Baka Pink) and Kaede Nagase (Baka Blue). In volume 2, the Baka Rangers went on an expedition with their Library Exploration Club classmates to find a legendary magic book to try to make themselves smarter, taking Negi along for the ride. Their learning during their adventure managed to bring their grades high enough to make 2-A the highest-scoring class in the school.

In the ending shorts of Negima!?, the Baka Rangers are depicted as an actual Super Sentai (although without helmets to conceal their identities), with Makie fumbling her lines, making errors, and ending up as an errand girl. Like any of the other shorts, their act is done just for laughs.

In several scenes of an episode of the live-action adaptation Negima!!, the Baka Rangers imagine themselves as an actual Super Sentai as well, complete with their own theme song, their own "series" and even their own arch-enemies. But ordinarily, they wear scarves to denote their color, out to help their teacher out by distracting the Dean by throwing Makie's ball with Shizuna's panty on it.

Though it may only be a coincidence, it is interesting to note that all of the Baka Rangers have seat numbers that are consecutive multiples of four.

Makie is currently the only Baka Ranger not to be a member of Negi's active roster, which comprises of the other four Baka Rangers, as well as Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, Chisame, Konoka, Setsuna, Kotaro, Chachamaru, and Kazumi (and Sayo by association). This is because she has yet to display any formidable fighting capability on the level of the aforementioned classmates. This may change in further chapters as she has currently displayed a talent for magic while in the Magic World.

If there exists a "sixth" Baka Ranger, following the later tradition in Super Sentai, it is unknown what color would represent them or for that matter, who it would be. Likely choices would be Konoka or Negi, due to association, despite not academically lacking.

The Martial Arts Specialists
These four students are believed to be the "strongest" combatants in class. They include Mana Tatsumiya (marksmanship), Kū Fei (Chinese martial arts), Setsuna Sakurazaki (swordsmanship), and Kaede Nagase (ninjutsu).

This term is never mentioned in the storyline, but used as sidelines in magazines.

Big Breast Quartet
Four girls (Chizuru Naba, Mana Tatsumiya, Kaede Nagase, and Kazumi Asakura) have the largest chest measurements in the class. Kazumi Asakursa usualy is the one to point out the order of size as stated in volume one. This grouping is occasionally used for humorous comment.

The Class Weirdos
During Chisame's introductory chapter, she shows her distaste in (outside Negi himself) a group of students who have suddenly appeared in her Mahora class over the last year. This collection includes those she considers "foreigners" (Ku Fei, Kaede, Chao, Evangeline, Zazie), not right in age (Mana, the Narutaki Twins) or just strange (Chachamaru). As the story progresses, many of these weirdoes prove themselves as the most powerful or mysterious students in the class. And while Chisame still shows a bad taste in her mouth for many, she has come to interact with several of them, particularly Chachamaru, to the point that she has considered some of them her friends, to her initial horror. Animated versions of the series has either adapted these comments (the first anime adds Akira to this group) or used these comments in other contexts. (Negima!? also addresses Zazie as a foreigner).

The Sports Club Girls
Four girls in 3-A are active in the Mahora Academy's sports club activities: Yuna Akashi (basketball), Ako Izumi (soccer), Akira Okochi (swimming), and Makie Sasaki (rhythmic gymnastics).

This group often appears throughout the story lines as oblivious to the existence of magic when magic manifests around them. Examples include their role as Evangeline's temporary servants, "normal" participants of the Mages vs. Mars battle and the Badges collection game. However, there are inklings that all four girls may have greater magical knowledge than they let on: Makie remembers her time being possessed by Evangeline (though whether she herself realizes this is questionable) as well as recently displaying an ability to perform magic, Yuna's parents were mages (she is unaware of this), Ako consistently questions her mysterious back scar, and Akira possesses a bizarre strength and realizes Negi is a mage without being hinted at, though she later confirms it personally in the Magic World. Ironically, these four are the ones who break into Magic Country of the group who don't know of magic, mostly due to Yuna bolting in after being lead to the gate.

Other students in 3-A take part in sports, yet are usually not tied to this group. They include Misora Kasuga (track and field), Sakurako Shiina (lacrosse), Mana Tatsumiya (biathlon) and Ayaka Yukihiro (equestrian). In the "Negima!?" anime, Misora takes Makie's spot as the fourth sports girl, as Makie's popularity compared to those of Yuna, Akira, and Ako has elevated her status to the point that she is paired with Ayaka instead.

The Library Expedition Club
This Mahora Academy club is dedicated to the exploration of the labyrinthine Library Island. Its main purpose is to research and catalogue the hundreds of millions of books at Library Island, as well as explore the unknown areas, as much of it has remained a mystery since the beginning of Mahora Academy. According to Yue's hypothesis, the Mahora Library and the rest of the school may have been constructed by mages. Members from class 3-A include Yue Ayase, Nodoka Miyazaki, Haruna Saotome, and Konoka Konoe (part-time). This group plays a major role in the main story lines since the beginning of the series. In contrast to the Sports Club girls, they are characterized as more thoughtful and have shown greater awareness in the magical events around them, particularly as they become more involved with the magical world surrounding them.

There seems to be another, though unofficial purpose for the group, but nonetheless prevalent in the story. This usually involves Yue and Haruna exerting endless effort to pair Nodoka with Negi, as it is all too obivous that she likes the pre-teen teacher. However, Yue herself eventually shows feelings for Negi, leaving Haruna as the somewhat manipulative referee in this would-be love triangle.

Mahora Cheerleaders
The three enthusiastic cheerleaders of 2/3-A, consisting of Misa Kakizaki, Madoka Kugimiya and Sakurako Shiina. With pompoms by their side, this trio always cheers on Negi and the others in the class when needed. Usually, though, they keep to themselves and do not get involved in many of the adventures, magical or otherwise, of others in the class.

However, they can be recruited by Ayaka to assist her upon command: once to spy on Negi and Konoka during a day out in Tokyo, and once when they attempt to hire goons to get Ayaka a badge for the Wales trip. The trio are also three-quarters of the band Dekopin Rocket, along with sports girl Ako Izumi.

Walking Club
Kaede Nagase, and Fuka and Fumika Narutaki are members of the Mahora Walking Club, who seem to mostly walk around the campus, and as such have an excellent knowledge of the school's layout. In addition, Kaede seems to be teaching the twins a little ninjitsu, although neither of them are anywhere near her level. In Negima!?, they were often seen walking around in the foreground or background in earlier episodes, with Kaede dressed in a ninja costume, while the twins made up like Teletubbies. In the live version adaptation, Kaede and the twins are also members of the Journalism Club along with Kazumi.

Negima's Comely Comrades, (or Negima-dan)
The group associated with the magical world period to the Festival Arc and fought against Chao Lingshen's plan. Most of the members in this groups are Negi's Pactio partners, through some of them aren't when they first joined the group (like Chisame). Some remain so after the Festival Arc (Like Kaede and Kū Fei). This group evolved into the English Culture Research Club (see below). The members (beside Negi Springfield) include Asuna Kagurazaka (Anti-Demon Warrior / Magic Cancel), Konoka Konoe (Onmyouji / Mage-in-training), Nodoka Miyazaki (Mind Reader), Yue Ayase (Mage-in-training), Chisame Hasegawa (computer hacker), Haruna Saotome (Summon Artist), Setsuna Sakurazaki (Shinmei-ryū swordswoman), Kū Fei (Chinese Duelist) and Kaede Nagase (Ninja).

Chao Bao Zi
A Chinese restaurant (Chao Bao Zi means Fried Buns in Chinese) run by 3-A genius Chao Lingshen, the group usually includes her friends, who also work at her restaurant (chef Satsuki Yotsuba, waitresses Ku Fei & Chachamaru Karakuri) and those who associate with her due to her connections (mechanical coordinator Satomi Hakase). This group was the primary antagonist during the festival arc, with Chao, Satomi and Chachamaru plotting to expose magic to the world. Bounty hunter Mana Tatsumiya was also hired by Chao's side during the plot. However, Ku Fei joined Negi in opposing Chao while Satsuki gave out crucial information to Mahora regarding the plot.

English Culture Research Club (a.k.a. Ala Alba or White Wing)
The club Asuna started for the purpose of assisting Negi on his quest to find his father. They get their official name so that the school would sponsor a field trip to Britain for them. Evangeline's resort is their club room. The club was initially called "Negima-club" or "Negima-dan" by the club's members. However, Evangeline later changed the name to White Wing (Ala Alba), similar to the Crimson Wing (Ala Rubra) group led by Negi's father.

The members are as follows:
Club President: Asuna Kagurazaka
Vice-President: Haruna Saotome
Secretary: Konoka Konoe
Minister of Bāozi (steamed buns): Kū Fei
Secretary Bodyguard: Setsuna Sakurazaki
Honorary Advisor: Evangeline A.K. McDowell
Faculty Sponsor: Negi Springfield

Other Members: Kaede Nagase, Nodoka Miyazaki, Yue Ayase, Chisame Hasegawa, Kazumi Asakura, Sayo Aisaka, Chachamaru Karakuri and Kotaro Inugami. Albert "Chamo" Chamomile and Anya Cocolova travel with the group but are not members, moreso the latter.

Groups in Negima!?

From the fourteenth to the twenty-fourth episodes of the alternate retelling Negima!?, Negi, Class 3-A and Takamichi end up in a strange alternate world in which the entire Mahora Academy is in ruins (in the outside). To help the class and Negi survive and figure out how to escape that world and return to the real Mahora Academy, the class is separated into three groups, each with a specific role. It has to be noted that Evangeline and Chachamaru are not part of any group; instead, they hang out in the sidelines with Takamichi. It should also be noted that considering the groupings above, the roles of most of the students fit perfectly to their role in each group below.

The Exploration Group explores the ruined alternate campus and the various creatures that roam it. Asuna is the leader of the group, while its members are Konoka, Setsuna, Sayo, Kazumi, Ku Fei, Kaede, the Narutaki twins, Mana, and Zazie. Specifically, Kazumi, being the reporter that she is, takes pictures during explorations and reports to the other members about the activities of the other groups. Mana also provides traps for the group to use in case of any scary creatures they might encounter. Chamo sometimes accompanies them.

The Research Group investigates the pieces of the Star Crystal and tries to know more about them. Ayaka is the leader, with Chao, Satomi, Chizuru, Makie, Nodoka, Yue, Haruna, and Chisame as members. In particular, Chao and Satomi do various experiments on the Crystals, Chisame gathers and organizes data (although she mixes business with pleasure by maintaining her homepage at the same time), Chizuru tries to figure out the connections regarding everything (while being a bother to other students such as Chisame or phoning up Natsumi), and Ayaka, Makie, Nodoka, Yue, and Haruna read reference books from Library Island.

The Survival/Lifestyle Group cooks and prepares meals for everyone. Satsuki reluctantly steps up as the head of the group ("Looks like I'll be the leader.") while composing the group are Yūna, Ako, Akira, Misora, Misa, Madoka, Sakurako, and Natsumi. Considering the constant vegetation and the seemingly fresh supply of provisions in the alternate world, this group does not have a hard time searching for food. The sports girls forage while the cheerleaders and Natsumi assist in the kitchen.

Earlier in the said series, Asuna also established the Chupacabra Club in the hopes of catching the said creature. Asuna would later use the club as a front for Negi's Contracted Partners (in a similar rein to the English Culture Research Club) so no one else can get suspicious of their activities. One requirement of the club is wearing the Chupacabra T-shirts she ordered as a kind of marketing strategy. The members of the club are identified initially as mostly Asuna and Haruna with occasional membership by Yuna, Yue and Ku Fei. After Negi begins making partners, several other students use this club as a front for magical research, including Nodoka, Konoka, Setsuna, the Narutaki twins and Kaede. After the entire class becomes aware, the club is no longer needed for hiding that secret, yet Asuna still tries to force the class to take Chupacabra T-shirts anyway (mostly due to ordering too many). This club is an irony in itself because in the manga, Asuna is a skeptic of the chupacabra theory (unknowingly created by Konoka and Sakurako) in which the creature victimized some of their classmates in Volume 3 rather than the vampiric Evangeline.

Other characters

Mahora characters


Konoemon Konoe
, Live action actor: Gajirō Satō
The School Dean and Konoka's grandfather, which likely played a role in his decision for Negi to live with his granddaughter and Asuna. What has been indicated is that he is a kind-hearted man, but extremely strict. He is also the chief of the Kantō Magic Association. The Dean’s hobby is arranging omiai for Konoka to choose a future fiancée, despite Konoka not wanting to. He even offered the position to Negi. One previous successful arranged marriage was his daughter's marriage to the chief of Kansai Magic Association (Eishun Konoe), which resulted in Konoka's birth and the easing of tensions between the Kansai and Kantō Magic Associations, which has been at odds for quite some time over the Kantō Association's adoption of western magic techniques. The first anime series suggests that he may have known Sayo when she was still alive and that he loved her.

  • Negima!!: Because Chamo's role in the live action adaptation has been reduced to almost a bit player, the pervert role is inexplicably passed to the dean, who is even seen ogling at Shizuna's panties. At one point, Konoka even warns Negi that her grandfather is a bit of a "dirty old man."

Takamichi Takahata
, Live action actor: Hiroshi
Commonly known as Takahata-sensei, is the teacher Negi replaced at Mahora Middle School. This is not to say that he is not in the school, however - he has appeared several times throughout, though he has become the new art teacher for the time being. Takahata gave Asuna her bell hair decorations when she transferred into Mahora Academy. He seems to think fondly of Asuna in a big-brotherly/fatherly manner, perhaps because of their shared magical non-wizard status. Like Nagi, he addressed her as "princess" before erasing her memory.

It should be noted that Takahata-sensei is close friends with Nagi, and fought in the magic war, alongside Eishun Konoe and the Thousand Master. Like Nagi, Takahata is a magic school dropout, but in his case not for lack of studying but for an inability to perform incantations. To make up for this he trained in a special fighting style called "kankahō" that combines both Eastern ki and Western magic, and a bare-fist version of iaidō, "iaiken". Gatō Kagura Vandenburg, one of Nagi’s comrades, whom Takahata regarded as his master, taught both the kanka and iaiken techniques to him. Takahata was not one of the original members of Nagi's group as he actually joins after they became famous, and was in his late teens by the time Asuna joined.

Due to his membership in Nagi's group, Takahata is extremely famous among the Magic community, even appearing on magazine covers (which Asuna desperately covets). He is also noted among the Mahora student body for his ability to put a stop to any fight seemingly without lifting a finger (see his iaiken technique), earning him the nickname "Death Glasses Takahata". He and Shizuna have been suspected of dating, but it was found that his heart does not belong to any person as of yet. He was shown along with Gandofini and Seruhiko after Negi had been arrested. Gandofini seemed to assign Takahata to punish Negi by turning him into an ermine. However, when they were alone, Takahata told Negi that he believed in him, and entrusted him that after being rescued by his companions, they would go back in time to stop Chao.

During the third day of the school festival, he fought against Chao Lingshen by himself and was managing to hold his own until she used her time displacement and hit him with a couple of her special bullets sending him 3 hours into the future. Currently, in Chapter 195, Takahata and Mana Tatsumiya have met up with Donet McGuiness at the portal to the Magic World.

Much of Takahata's background is a mystery, but it is implied in Chapter 131 that he is ashamed or regretful about something in the past, since he tells Albireo that he doesn't deserve to be loved by anyone.

  • Negima!?: Unlike his manga counterpart, Takahata-sensei does have magical abilities in this series and is seen as the main assistant for Negi. However, he is usually seen on the sidelines alongside Evangeline and Chachamaru, particularly either in drinking tea or eating ramen. Later, he sets up a ramen business with a so-called "World Delicacy Noodles" as his specialty. Anyone who has consumed the said ramen has immediately fallen ill, however; Takahata himself is the first victim while having a taste test before marketing it.

Other Teachers
, Live action actress: Nao Oikawa
Negi's advisor at Mahora Gakuen. She primarily attempts to be a motherly figure while Negi adjusts to the school, slowly leading him into the different aspects of his job. In both the manga and anime, she is aware of magic. She and Takahata were rumored to have been dating, however later additions to the story suggest that they are not. She is also noted for her impressive bustline (99cm). , Director of Academy External Activities, is a strict and by the book teacher who makes sure students do not do anything idiotic, a tough job with the rambunctious 3-A. He punishes students who misbehave (and sometimes Negi who gets caught up in antics of his class) by making them sit in the seiza (squat in English) position for considerable periods of time. Due to this, the students consider him to be rather mean spirit and have given him the nickname, Nitta the Ogre. Nitta is a professional teacher and is strict and serious in the way he teaches. However, he is a lot more relaxed when off duty and would have casual drinks with fellow teachers and gives friendly advice and words of encouragement to Negi. Despite his position, he is not aware of the existence of magic, thinking it is either nonsense or tricks made up by the students. In the Del Rey and early Chuang Yi versions, Nitta is named Nitsuta, a mistake made by the translators, since the "tsu" character acts as an extension making the proper pronunciation as "Nitta". Early translations of Nitta as "Nita" are wrong as well. Note: In other translations, he is the head Discipline Master. Appears in the Negima! anime in a photo of the Kyoto Class Trip.

Trivia: It is speculated that Nitta is in fact the former math teacher Niitta of A.I. Love You, another manga by Ken Akamatsu . Only that he has aged with grayer hair since he was last seen in A.I. Love You volume 8. Not to mention in both Ken Akamatsu manga Nitta is referred as a demon or an ogre by his students.
A bishōnen teacher who often hangs out with Nitta. He is one of the secret mages at Mahora. During the "Kyoto Arc", he was assigned with the duty to secretly protect the students during their field trip to Kansai. He is not that fight-savvy, according to his own words. He is overpowered along with Gandolfini when Negi's students go to rescue their teacher. On the third day of the school festival, he is one of the mage teachers that escaped being shot by Mana's time-transporting bullets. Appears in episode 18 of the anime when all the teachers search for his contact lenses with Takahata finding it. According to the Del Ray manga translation, Volume 9, he is Ken Akamatsu's homage to the character, "Serpico" from Kentarõ Miura's manga Berserk.

Professor Akashi The father of Yuna Akashi, he is constantly doing research on various magical phenomenon, particularly those encountered by Negi such as Fate and Wilhelm. Prior to being introduced as Yuna's father, he was seen prominently among the Mahora staff during the Festival, both in tracking down Chao to stop her plans as well as managing the computer networks during the "Mages vs. Mars" battle as they are besieged by Chachamaru. Both he and his late wife know of the magical world, even though their daughter doesn't know of magic or that her teacher is a magician. He occasionally meets with family friend Donet McGuiness to discuss various magical phenomenon behind his daughter's back. He keeps porn magazines in his office, which he used to distract his daughter from his magic related research papers, presumably to protect Yuna. is Makie's rhythmic gymnastics coach. Appeared during Volume 7 when she made somewhat harsh comments about Makie (she wasn't aware that Makie was there when she made those comments), whom she felt was a bit childish and not skilled enough to join the National finals. She changes her views of her when she notices Makie improve. Makie was able to join the finals. , a blonde female. It seems that she is in charge of the Mahora mage organization's operations division, ranking second only to the Headmaster. She is a Shinmeiryuu swordswoman who married a western mage 8 years ago and moved to the Kanto region, though she is believed to be divorced now. She also became Setsuna's master in swords when Setsuna moved to Mahora Academy. While noted to be a calm and collected woman, Chao Lingshen's revealing of magic to the world has added considerable stress on her (she was to be turned into an ermine for at least 3 years, which would wreck her relationship with her new (normal) boyfriend), and she attacks Setsuna and Kaede with abandon. On the third day of the school festival, she assisted the students participating in the Battle of Mahora, but was beaten by Mana Tatsumiya. She was also shown communicating via Pactio card, leading some to believe she could be a partner of the Headmaster.

Kataragi is a mage employed by Mahora Academy, likely a teacher. He's most distinguished by his deep black goatee, sunglasses and black suit. His identity was not revealed for quite some time after his initial appearance. He made his first appearance at the mage teacher's meeting where he used his magically amplified snap to destroy Chao's flying robot when it was discovered by Mei that they were being spied on (Negi made note of his lack of an incantation). Kataragi specializes in Western wind magic, severing techniques, long range and incantationless spells. He, along with Touko, were sent to apprehend the girls when they had found themselves in the future, several days after the festival. Before the battle, he made attempts to console Touko for her difficulties with recent events, though to no avail. While Touko took on Setsuna, he fought with Kaede, after which sealing both of them behind a strong tornado barrier. He participated in the Mages vs. Mars battle, but was soundly defeated when he was hit by Mana's time-displacement bullets. He appears to be a regular smoker. is a dark-skinned mage, probably a teacher. Gandolfini is married and has one daughter. He uses both a handgun and knife in combat. He distrusts Chao from the start after catching her spying on the secret mage meeting at the world tree. He, Mei and Takane arrested Chao shortly afterwards, but released her on Negi's request. When the mages start to suspect that the Festival Fighting Tournament was part of Chao's plan to reveal the existence of magic to the world, he and a team of mages confronted Chao at the end of the tournament, but they failed to stop her escape using her "Cassopeia" time machine. In the future where Chao succeeds, and the existence of magic is revealed to the world. Gandolfini confronts Negi and holds him partly responsible, since the disaster could have been avoided if Negi had allowed him to arrest Chao previously. As all mages at Mahora will likely be punished for their failure to stop Chao, Gandolfini goes on a drinking binge, since he believed he is soon to be turned into an ermine. He worries about his daughter's welfare, but feels sincere regret for unintentional ruining Negi's future. In his drunken stupor, Asuna and Ku Fei knock him out on their way to rescue Negi. He later shows up back in the present with the other teachers in battling Chao's army of robots and controlled demons, but falls victim to one of Mana's time-displacement bullets, despite managing to intercept it mid-flight with a shot of his own. Throughout each of the conflicts during the School Festival arc, it is also notable that he uses a CQC stance similar to one seen in Metal Gear Solid 3, with a gun at ready and a knife held in the offhand extending downward from its position held at the grip. , a proficient but portly mage. Has a funny activation key that includes food in the chant. Has a jovial personality.

Mitsuru Nijūin's daughter A young mage who can wield surprisingly powerful illusionary magic using toy figures. She tried to attack Asuna and the other students as they came to rescue Negi, conjuring a Hippogriff, Cerberus, and even Takamichi himself, but was defeated when Yue saw through her illusions and broke them with a spell. When she revealed it was so she could protect her father, the girls quickly forgave her. , a mage teacher that heads the Mahora nun/mage patrol squad. She seems particularly skilled in combat and uses floating crosses, probably an artifact of sorts, in battle. Both Misora and Cocone are under her guidance at the church on Mahora's campus. Sister Shakti does not tolerate the antics of Misora and Cocone, and won't hesitate to teach them a lesson.


Kotaro Inugami
is first seen as one of the three mercenary children helping Chigusa in Kyoto. He is a dog hanyō, which is evidenced by his pointed ears and furry tail. Despite being hotheaded, Kotaro is a chivalrous person and would never hit a woman unless she is a powerful fighter, having trained under the Garyū Inugami-ryū which is basically a self-taught school. He also has a strong dislike of Western-style magic, with Negi being one of the few exceptions. Kotaro is an expert in ninjutsu and charms, and has the power to summon inugami (dog spirits), but prefers to fight hand to hand rather than using magic from a distance. Kotaro is also capable of self propelled flight with an adaption of his inugami abilities. Kotaro also has the ability to transform into a small black and white dog using a paper charm, or to a stronger beast form. He claim that most of his fighting technique (including the use of ki power) was made up by himself. His capability to correctly analyze Negi's technique supports his ability to achieve such a task.

Takane Goodman
, high-school student and secret mage. Her magical affinity is shadows, and she can summon and direct shadow warriors, as well as create highly elaborate shadow armor. Her clothes have a nasty habit of suffering wardrobe malfunctions in combat, due to them being magically constructed from shadow as well. She, Mei and Gandolfini tried to arrest Chao before the festival but released her on behalf of Negi. She develops Tanaka-phobia due to her match with Tanaka-san, which led to an aforementioned blowing-off of clothing in front of thousands of people. She later loses to Negi in the tournament, and helps Asuna in an attempt to rescue Takamichi, both resulting in more unwanted nudity. In Chao's future, she is part of the force that is assigned to arrest Negi and his companions, after magic is revealed to the world. However, when she encounters Asuna's magical cancellation ability and her Pactio artifact, she is once again stripped bare. She took part in the battle against Chao's robot forces, as a "Hero Unit" (similar to those found in Real Time Strategy games) assisting the civilian "players" in holding the line. In a reverse of the usual situation her shadow clothes actually allowed her to stay dressed as the clothes-stripping beams had no effect on them. She is somewhat similar to Ayaka Yukihiro in looks.
Mei Sakura
is kohai to her senpai, Takane, whom she refers to as "onee-sama". She is deemed as a skilled Ministra Magi whose artifact is a broomstick. Mei is also a transfer student, sent to study from a North American mage academy before the Mahora Festival Arc. She, Takane and Gandolfini tried to arrest Chao before the festival, but released her on Negi's behalf. Mei seems to have an elemental magic affinity for fire, and her pactio artifact is a broom that she uses for combat as well as for transportation. She and Takane entered the Mahora festival fighting tournament in order to discipline Negi, but she was quickly blown right off the fighting stage by Kotarō, who then had to rescue her from drowning, as Mei can't swim. When magic is made public, the press constantly hounds her. She joins Takane in their mission to arrest Negi's group, but is defeated easily and also stripped bare. Nodoka used her Pactio artifact on Mei to find out where Negi has been held, and Asuna comforts Mei by promising her that they will return the world back to normal. After returning to the third day of the festival, Mei was shown along with Takane entering in the battle against Chao's robot army. She's recently stepped up her training with encouragement from Kotarō, but the dog-boy is too busy with his own training to personally help her out. Natsumi Murakami has displayed signs of jealousy when Kotaro was talking to Mei, but it's unknown how Kotaro and Mei feel toward each other yet.
Other Students
is a young dark-skinned ninja-nun who tags along with Misora Kasuga. She specializes in telepathy, and is much better at drawing than Misora. Overall, she tends to show a little more common sense than Misora, but rarely speaks, and usually goes along with whatever Misora does, even if she gets into trouble right along with her. She is very attached to Misora, silently hugging the older girl's neck when the latter talked about how much she wished to stop her training, leading Misora to add in that she would never leave Cocone. , alias is a Dark-haired, glasses-wearing girl who is a magic student from the Mahora Elementary School. Nutmeg carries a short staff and primarily uses water magic, and is part of a Mahou Shojo team with Mei and Takane. She made her first major appearance with Takane and Mei as they tried to capture Asuna and Negi's other partners in the future using a water spell, but was defeated by Negi's partners with the usual unfortunate results for a fight involving Takane. During the Mages vs. Mars battle, she is one of Professor Akashi's assistants in the maintenance of the campus network. , Game voice actress: Yū Asakawa
A high-school ace and the leader of the Black Lilies, the championship dodge ball team of St. Ursula High. She teases Negi on the train when he first arrives at Mahora. Later she and her friends had a dodge ball match with Negi's class which decided who would have Negi as their teacher. She and her two friends, Bibi and Shii, make several cameo appearances afterwards. In the most recent chapter, she takes part in the so-called Third Day Festival Games, and is one of the first few casualties when she is stripped of her clothes.

Naoya is a male high school student that also studies within Mahora and is a member of a dodge ball team as well. Has deep feelings for Eiko, his senpai, but was kept from confessing them during the Festival arc by Mana, who shot him in the head with a tranquilizer bullet. In recent rabu-kome chapters, it is explained that Naoya likes Eiko's competitiveness. , pompadoured fight-enthusiast and color commentator at the Festival arc tournament. A skilled fighter in his own right, Kaoru is trained under the art of "Kenka Sappo" (which translates to Brawl Skill) of which he is a self-proclaimed 30-dan in rank, and is also an able ki-user. Negi eliminated Kaoru in the elimination matches of the Legendary Mahora Martial Arts Tournament. Despite his rough and somewhat ridiculous appearance, Kaoru is a nice person (who whole-heartedly admitted his loss to Negi and even encouraged him to go for it and offered him gum). He seems to have a rather extensive knowledge of various forms of martial arts (for instance, as the explainer for the Mahora tournament, he is able to identify most of the techniques used, like Mana's Rakansen and Takamichi's Iaiken techniques). Placed an impressive seventh in the Mage-vs-Martians battle, but only won a mere 40 meal tickets. , is a fighter trained under the art of "3-D jujutsu.” Evangeline beat him in a split second in the first round of the Legendary Mahora Martials Arts Tournament. He is named after one of Akamatsu's assistants. , a hotheaded fighter who specializes in ki projectiles, but has a glaring weakness in his lack of close quarter combat skill. Kaede beat him in the first round of the Legendary Mahora Martials Arts Tournament. He also participated in the Mage-vs.-Martians battle along with Kaoru and other Tournament Fighters, where they helped Yuna and Akira defend the World Tree Plaza. He and Kaoru eschewed the provided weapons in favor of their own Ki attacks. Apparently knows the Kamehameha. , a fighter seemingly skilled in Chinese martial arts. Not much is known about him as he was completely outclassed by Albireo Ima in the first round of the Legendary Mahora Martials Arts Tournament.

Haruki and Yuki are a boy and girl who attend Mahora Elementary. Yuki has a crush on Haruki, and was nearly shot by Mana for trying to confess her feelings to at the wrong place. She was saved by Negi, who blew her hat off with a gust of wind, causing them to chase it far away from the danger zone, where she could then tell him without triggering a geas from the World Tree. They later appear after being drafted into a "best couples" contest, alongside Eiko and Naoya, and Ako and Negi (Using an age-deceiving pill and posing as his own cousin), who also was drafted. They ended up winning the contest, despite not being sure that they were actually a couple.

On the third Day of the Festival, both are stripped down to their underwear as a result of being hit by Chao's robot beams. Yuki and Eiko, who was also caught in the attack, promptly punch out their "boyfriends", telling them to look away. is the leader of the Mahora Biathlon team, who bears a strong resemblance to the deceased pactio partner of Mana Tatsumiya. Mana has a crush on him, and he seems to share the feeling. Unfortunately, he chose to tell her during the school festival while she and Negi were watching out for confessions, and was shot by Mana to stop him from saying anything. It was then revealed by Chamo that the person in Mana's locket and the one she shot were different people only having similar looks but have different names.

Captain Nanaka Airheart is the head of the Mahora University's Aviation Club. He pilots a biplane and leads the team responsible for the aerial acrobatics presentation of the Mahora Festival. He is also the person who is able to verify the location of Chao Lingshen (atop the airship that roams the skies of Mahora City during the festival, where Chizuru had spotted her) during the Mahora Festival's Final Day Event. His surname likely comes from that of the American aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.

Istanbul Magic Association and Associates

Fate Averruncus

The last of the three mercenary children helping Chigusa. He supposedly came to Japan from the Istanbul Magic Association a month prior the school field trip to Kyoto, but was actually hired by Chigusa Amagasaki for her plan. She refers to him as "Newcomer". Fate is an expert in both Western and Eastern magic, is highly skilled in martial arts (noted by Negi to slightly resemble the chinese martial arts he practices), and is stronger and more skilled than Negi, as of the current story arc. He was the one that almost turned everyone at the Kansai Magic Association headquarters into stone, and kidnapped Konoka when Chigusa failed to do so on earlier attempts. The name he has may not be his real name, as noted by Eishun and furthered by Professor Akashi's report. The proof that "Fate Averruncus" is really an alias happened during his showdown with Negi when Nodoka arrived during the fight and used the Comptina Daemonia on him (all that has been revealed so far is that Fate's true given name is Tertium). He disappeared after he and the summoned demon god were defeated by Evangeline. He specializes in water-based and petrification spells and can perform Eastern magic such as summoning demons using ofuda.

Later on, Fate appeared outside the gate to the magic world, and, upon entering the magic world by following Negi's group, attacked Negi by piercing him with a spear-like projectile. He and a group of mages (whose identities are unknown, although one of them seems to know Asuna) then engage in battle with Negi's ministras, separating the group with a forceful transportation spell, and accomplished the mission they were originally sent to do: destroying the gateway to the normal world (the group later set out to destroy the other gate keys). Fate and his group later framed Negi's team for this, putting a bounty on each of the Ala Alba members, making it harder for them to move freely. It is noted by Evangeline that Fate may not be human (saying he was something more akin to a puppet) and Jack Rakan believes that Fate is a survivor of a supposed doomsday cult that Nagi and his companions battled years ago. Fate and his group's intentions are not fully known at this time, but he claims that he is going to destroy the world. It has been revealed that he has Pactio contracts with five female mages named Shirabe, Homura, Shiori, Koyomi and Tamaki (their names are most likely aliases, as Nodoka was able to find out Shirabe's real name in order to read her mind).

During the World Peace Festival, Fate shows up in the middle of a street in Ostia, confronting Negi with a deal; Fate would safely escort Negi and his friends to the gate portal in Ostia, in return that Asuna stay with him. Knowing that Fate plans to use Asuna's anti-magic ability to bring about mass destruction, Negi refuses angrily and attacks him in the street. Fate says that he knew that Negi would refuse and tells him "Plan B": To ask that Negi and his friends simply ignore what he is doing since his plan is to bring the destruction of Mundus Magicus (the Magic World). Which, if Negi agrees, Fate will escort him and his companions back to the Old World. It turns out Fate never meant to target Negi and his companions during the gate attack - they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Elsewhere during this conversation, Fate's pactio partners attack Negi's companions in an effort to prevent them from interfering with Fate's offer to Negi. Negi eventually refuses Fate's offer, so Fate officially declares Negi his nemesis. A fight begins between the two in the middle of the crowded street; and to Fate's surprise Negi easily punches Fate's stomach. During the fight when Nodoka and Kotarou arrive they learned Fate's real name is Tertium. Fate eventually makes his get away after Asuna and Raken arrive on the scene.


A Shinmei Ryuu swordswoman, is one of the three mercenary children that were hired to help Chigusa. Unlike Setsuna who uses a single sword style, she uses a sword and dagger style. She also knows how to use ofuda, or onmyōdō charms, the same way that Setsuna can. Tsukuyomi seems like she has a crush of sorts for Setsuna, though this is mostly of a subtextual nature, and likes to cosplay in Gothic Lolita cloths. She returned home after Chigusa was defeated.

As Negi's team arrives in the Magical World, a disguised Tsukuyomi was part of a squad lead by Fate to take down the Mahora team and frame them for the destruction of the gate between there and the human world. Recently, she is acting as Fate's spy, and is trying to get information on the location and actions of the White Wing. When Fate appeared to Negi in Ostia and triggered a battle, Tsukuyomi appeared again before Setsuna, exhibiting a creepy lust for fighting the hanyou. She almost defeated Setsuna and attempted to strip and, possible, rape her, although Setsuna quickly escaped and Tsukuyomi was forced to reteat in coincidence with Fate's retreat.

Graf Herrman

poses as a descendant of a line of German counts, but is in fact a high-level demon. He knows Negi because he was one of the many demons that attacked his village when Negi was four years old; he was the one that turned nearly everyone in the village to stone. Both he and the Slime Sisters tried to attack Negi but were sealed by the old mage Stan into a magic sealing bottle. Ironically because of this he became the only demon not to die at the hands of the Thousand Master.

During the current timeline, they were released by an unknown enemy and consequently given two missions: to gauge the threat that Negi and Asuna represent, and to temporarily disable Negi from combat. He faces off against Negi and Kotaro in combat, and after a lengthy battle, was eventually defeated. However, Negi declined the chance to destroy him and allowed him to escape.

In his human form, he looks like an elderly gentleman wearing a suit and a hat. He is a very strong physical fighter, with a fighting style that seems rooted in boxing, who can use magic without chanting. However, his greatest power is when he opens his mouth, either in human or demon form, to create a ray of light which turns whatever/whoever it comes in contact with it into stone. His petrification skills are so strong that it is virtually impossible to reverse the effects. He stated that Konoka, with the proper training, could eventually save the villagers.

In chapter 174 of the manga, Donet McGuinness, over a discussion with Yuna's father, Professor Akashi, told him that according to Kotaro's testimony, Graf Herrman's intrusion into the school is somehow linked with Fate Averruncus.

Welsh Characters

Nekane Springfield

Voiced by: Masami Suzuki(Negima!), Miyuki Sawashiro(Negima!?), Gwendolyn Lau (English)
Negi's cousin, although their relationship is more like that of brother and sister (and he refers to her as such), since they grew up together (and even slept in the same bed) after her father took the orphaned Negi in. Her gentle personality has largely been based on interpretations through disjointed flashbacks, so it is hard to identify precisely what she is like. What has been indicated however is that she took on more of a motherly role in his life. As a side note, Asuna and Nekane feel similarly for Negi. Six years ago, when demons attacked the village where she and Negi used to live in, she was almost turned to stone while trying to protect Negi from a petrification spell, but was saved by the Thousand Master just in time. She is also 23 years old.

  • Negima!?: Although initially appearing as a background character, Nekane does gain a greater role in the second anime. As the Star Crystal crisis slowly grows, Nekane chooses to assist her cousin by disguising as the Black Rose Baron, an enigmatic character initially seen not working for either Negi or for the one controlling the crystal. Eventually, Nekane appears as herself to assist Negi and his class in the running of the day-to-day activities, but Negi eventually discovers her secret. However, he is forced to keep Nekane's other identity a secret to protect her and his students. It should be noted, though, that Nekane seems to be a bit of an airhead in this retelling of the series. Whether or not she is acting oblivious to her identity of the Black Rose Baron or simply fooling everyone is unconfirmed.


, or
A talking, perverted, chain-smoking and lingerie stealing ermine. Negi freed him from a trap four years prior to the series start. Due to this Chamo has great admiration and is fiercely loyal towards Negi, but is not above using him to try and make a fast buck.

He claimed to have been sent to Negi by his elder sister to help Negi out, though it was later found out that Chamo escaped from the law for stealing over 2,000 pairs of girls' lingerie. He fled to Negi because the law could not arrest him if he were the familiar of a wizard. He came up with a somewhat unlikely story of how he only stole them to make a warm nest for his sick sister, which Negi believed, whereupon Negi made Chamo his familiar. Aside from Negi he has also formed a friendship with Eva's doll Chachazero.

Chamo often acts as Negi's trusty advisor in most things, though there are times his judgement and/or advice leaves much to be desired. He is skillful at analyzing dangerous situation and coming up with countermeasure when most of the others are in state of panic (as shown in Kyoto and School Festival incident), but his plan usually have big flaws in it, a point that he often admits blankly. He is also quite good at analyzing individual strength and character, and puts them in good use during times of need (such as seeking advice from Yue and Chisame or caming up "party formation" for Negi's supporter).

He normally suffers Asuna's wrath whenever his schemes are discovered or he is caught in one of his perverted acts (such as undressing the girls, stealing their underwear, or tricking them into wearing sexy lingerie). In the case of Negima!?, he also suffers her wrath whenever he says or does something that earns her ire, leading him to shout to the effect of "Animal Abuse!"

Chamo usually addresses Negi as "Aniki" (big brother) and most of the ladies (like Negi's students) as "Ane-san" (big sister, sometimes with slight variations like "Ane-go", to Nodoka as "Jochan", and to Yue in the Summer OAV as "Yuecchi") even though he is most likely much older than all of them. His level of magic is not as great as most of the mages shown in the series, though he has shown some considerable spell casting, chief among them is drawing up magic circles, which is essential for creating Pactios, and casting anti-telepathy spells. He also has the disturbing hobby of keeping track of the girls' feelings for Negi, often to the chagrin of all involved.

Recently, he and the rest of the White Wing have visited Negi's home village prior to their sojourn to the Magic World. After entering the Magic World, they are attacked by Fate and are scattered about due to the Gateport being destroyed. Chamo was later shown in a snow filled area in Chapter 210, and in the recent Chapter 217 he has been reunited with Negi and he has found Negi's Staff.

  • Negima!?: While Chamo is as enthusiastic and as annoying in this series as he is in the manga and the first anime series, he is much less perverted this time, instead providing some occasional comic relief aside from his knowledge of magic. He also is by Negi's side from the start of the series and while he still officiates the creation of probationary contracts or Pactios, he does the process impromptu. He also has a superhero alter-ego named Kaba-Kaba, which emerged after Ako accidentally injects him with an energizing formula meant for Negi; but this guise only lasts until the effects of the formula wear off. One strange aspect about Chamo is his ability of human speech seems to be common negligible knowledge to the other students of Class 3-A even before the events leading to Negi's transformation into a chupacabra, let alone the mass pactio. This may be attributed to the presence of two other talking animals in their midst, Motsu and Shichimi.
  • Negima!!: In the live-action adaptation of the franchise, Chamo is depicted as an animated figure locked in a patch sewn on Negi's suit. This means that he is technically with Negi from the start. Despite this, he is able to talk directly to Negi and still officiates the creation of probationary contracts. True enough to the Japanese tendency to misspell English words and names, Chamo's full name is rendered in the patch as "Arbelt Chamomile" (sic).


Аня/Анна Юрьевна Коколова

Voiced by: Ryou Hirohashi(Negima!), Chiwa Saito(Negima!?), Kate Bristol (English)
The only other student who graduated with Negi that has been named. Her specialty is fire based magics. Although she lives in Wales she isn't Welsh, but probably Russian, since her entire name is Russian. A year older than Negi, they have been childhood friends for as long as they can remember, and it was noted by Haruna Saotome that Anya is one of the few people who Negi speaks with informally. It has been indicated that Anya helped Negi pack for his trip to Japan, and her mother was one of the people turned to stone by Wilhelm's attack. During the Legendary Mahora Martial Arts Tournament, Alberio summoned her as she pointed at the cover of the books he was using as his Pactio artifact. She had been working as a fortuneteller in London as an assignment from the Magical Academy before returning to Wales. As of chapter 179, she has come to Japan to bring Negi back to Wales, but appeared to explode the moment she arrives on a beach and sees Negi with Asuna. Anya appears to be a grumpy girl around Negi, although she also seemed excited at the prospect of him coming back from Japan. She takes an immediate dislike toward Asuna, and an immediate liking toward Yue and Nodoka, based on their similar small Cup-Size. She uses fire magic, particularly a diving kick attack, but seems to accidentally set her clothes or hair on fire if she isn't careful. She has also shown a flaming punch. She stay with Negi and his class as they enjoy a short vacation at a beach resort. Apparently, she has an immediate dislike toward the more well-endowed girls in Negi's class and was unaware that Negi has already made 7 Probationary Contracts, while she herself has none. She later finds out about the contracts, much to her dismay. and worse yet, that Negi has far surpassed her in magic, and isn't helpless without her. She along with everyone else are now scattered across the Magical World. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

  • Negima!?: In the second anime version of the series, Anya gains an extremely major role after being a background character for most of this series. Due to how much she missed Negi as well as personal jealousy of his working in an all-girl class, she steals an artifact known as the Star Crystal, notorious in magical abilities that not even Nagi Springfield could control it. When Anya loses control, the effects of the crystal begin to warp Negi and his class back in Wales. Strange fairies that represent the crystal's shards possess his students, yet the ones chosen were connected to her knowledge of Lunar Astrology, tying everything back to her. Once the crystal reunited, she then used it to possess the vampiress Evangeline and destroy everything Negi holds dear, but the effect wears off after Negi is forced to Pactio with Eva. After stealing away Negi, he is finally able to rescue her using a combination of his power and those of all of his Magistra (whom in this series is the entire class).
  • Negima!? neo: In this alternate manga work by Takuya Fujima, Anya eventually enrols in Mahora Academy and becomes Student Number 32 in Class 3-A, much to Negi and Asuna's chagrin. She eventually joins the Walking Club after having difficulties in the other clubs and also due to her admiration of Kaede.


Stan is an old Magister Magi from Negi's village. Despite Negi calling him "grandpa", he is not his grandfather; he is in fact an old friend of Nagi's. Nagi Springfield has always irked Stan, such that he almost seems like he absolutely wants to kill the Thousand Master. He believes Nagi died from pushing himself too far. When the demons attacked the village, he and Nekane stopped a petrifaction spell from the demon Wilhelm, while sealing the demon into a bottle along with the Slime Trio, but at the cost of Stan himself becoming turned into stone. He protected Negi because he promised Nagi that he would do so at all costs. Currently, he and all of the petrified villagers remain underground in the magical academy Negi graduated from, with Stan being put back together (as his petrified body broke during the battle with Wilhelm).


The Magus is the headmaster of the Welsh mage academy that Negi Springfield graduated from and is a friend of the dean of Mahora Academy. Donet McGuiness is presumed to be his Ministra Magi. When Negi returned to Wales to enter Magic Country, he showed his former student the measures he has taken to protect the members of his former village who had been petrified and placed underneath the school.

Donet McGuiness

Donet is a friend of Yuna Akashi's family from England. She was helping Yuna's father research if Chao Linshen had any connection to Fate Averruncus. While reporting her findings to Yuna's father (Chao had no connection to Fate), Yuna mistook the meeting to be romantic in nature, and began to believe that the two were dating. She first appeared standing next to the Magus in vol. 2, when Negi was explaining Pactios to Asuna, suggesting she may be the Magus' Ministra. When Negi's group arrives in London, she is there to guide the group towards the path to Wales, and she assists Negi's group in entering the Magic Country. Negi and Yuna are shocked to know that the other knows who she is. Currently, she has met up with Takahata and Mana Tatsumiya at the portal to the Magic World.

Magical World Characters


Tosaka is a leading member of the arena team "Grancius Fortes". Though originally portrayed as a simple thug, who saw nothing wrong with abusing the shock function of Ako and Akira's collars, he took on a more important role when Negi and Kotaro joined his arena team. As their manager it is Tosaka's duty to arrange fights for the up and coming arena stars and their constant stream of victories have caused him to gain a great deal of respect for the pair. Kotaro has the tendency to call him "Rooster", due to his hairstyle which looks like the comb of a rooster. Recently, Tosaka has discovered the truth that Negi has been altering his appearance.


Vargas is a large, powerfully built combat mage and an arena fighter for the team "Grancius Fortes". Several years ago he was defeated by the Thousand Master and since then has nursed a hatred for anybody with red hair. Because of this he attempted to attack a disguised Negi after encountering him in a bar. During the fight Vargas lived up to his reputation as a skilled fighter, using both instant movement and unincanted attack spells. However, Negi proved victorious and defeated him and his sycophants without much effort. Vargas reappeared later, when he was called in to help Dolnegus' son test some rookies in the Grancius arena. To his surprise he found himself facing Negi once again, this time supported by Kotaro. His embarrassing defeat proved that Negi and Kotaro were capable of surviving in the arena. Since then he has continued to keep track of Negi by watching his arena battles.

Emily Sevensheep

Emily Sevensheep is a beastgirl who attends the magical academy in the city-state of Ariadne and is training to be a mage knight. She is among the most powerful of the cadets and is also the class president of Class 3-C. Her personality is similar to that of Ayaka Yukihiro, and she looks down on those whom she considers as dunces or peasants, especially with Yue and Collete Fallendoll. Like many others, she is an absolute fan of Nagi Springfield, (her fanclub member number is 78), and she believes that the 'older form' of Negi is actually Nagi reincarnated. Her mother is shown to be a huge fan of Nagi as well. She currently completed a competition against Yue and Collete for a chance to go to the tournament finals and meet with him. During the competition, she and her partner take a dangerous shortcut in order to catch up with Yue and Collete. They are immediately attacked by a monster and are saved by Yue as she uses her Pactio Artifact. Through cooperation with Yue and Collete, the four manage to take down the monster and make it back to the academy. Though her fellow classmates initially believed that she defeated the griffin-dragon, Emily immediately sets them straight and even gives up the chance to go to Ostia. However, she is surprised when the headmistress of the academy declared that she and the others who defeated the dragon will be allowed to go.

Collette Fallendoll

Collette Fallendoll is a beastgirl who attends the magical academy in the city-state of Ariadne and is training to be a mage knight. She is the first person whom Yue encounters after being teleported, and was directly responsible for Yue's total memory loss. This was due to an accidental collision with Yue while riding her broom and practicing a memory-erasing spell. Feeling responsible for her, (and not wanting to be punished for Yue's amnesia), Collette offers to watch over Yue and help her with her studies at the academy. Like the class president, Collette is a Nagi Springfield fanatic and possesses a large collection of souvenirs and merchandise. Her fanclub member number is 96077. She is currently competing as Yue's partner for a chance to go to the tournament finals. During the race, Collette and Yue make a good showing and even getting ahead of Emily Sevensheep and her partner. At that point, she discovers that the empty card that she had found when Yue first arrived was actually her Pactio Card.

Nagi and his comrades (Ala Rubra or 'The Crimson Wing')

Nagi Springfield

Negi's father and a legendary wizard. The origin of his title is ambiguous; some bill him as the master of a thousand spells (which is patently untrue since he admits to being a dropout who only knows a handful of spells (and needs to read out of pocket notes to cast other spells), however, this was stated in a dream that Evangeline had, and because she "hates" him, may not be true, but it seems to have been verified by Asuna having Nagi say something to the same effect during her most detailed flashback dream) and there is also a rumor that he made probationary contracts with a thousand different girls (though this is almost certainly just a lie of Albert Chamomile's, meant to inspire Negi to make many contracts and earn Chamo-kun a huge brokerage fee with the Ermine Society). Nagi is so strong, in both magical and physical combat, that he does not even need any Ministra Magi to help him. His fighting style was that of a magic swordsman, using both speedy magic casting and hand-to-hand combat in tandem.

Eishun Konoe

is Konoka's father and the chief of the Kansai Magic Association. Despite his last name, he is not from the Konoe family as he actually married into his wife's family. Before the Kyoto Arc, both the Kansai and the Kantō Magic Associations had a feud. This was because Kansai mages did not approve of Kantō mages using Western-style magic instead of Eastern-style magic. In order to ease the schism between two sides, Konoemon Konoe, who was the head of the Kantō Magic Association, made an arranged marriage between Eishun and his daughter. With this, the overt hostility ended. However, a few in Kansai (e.g. Chigusa Amagasaki) continue in their aversion to Kantō and/or Western mages. Despite the attitude of Kansai mages towards the west, Eishun became best friends with a powerful Western mage, Nagi Springfield, the Thousand master. Nagi, Eishun, Takahata, Albireo (Sanders), Gateau, Rakan, and one other, who were Nagi's comrade-in-arms, fought in a magic war that involved both mages from the East and West twenty years ago. Rather than being a mage, Eishun is actually a Shinmei-ryū swordsmaster. The sword he used during his days with Nagi was the same nodachi that Setsuna currently uses, Yuunagi(The carving of the sword's name was seen in volume 19). He has battle scars on his body from that war. Even after Nagi's apparent death in 1993, Eishun has still kept Nagi's holiday house clean. Eishun's name is a direct Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese Kung Fu style Wing Chun. He also smokes, a habit of which Konoka disapproves.

Eishun never told his daughter Konoka of her magical background because he wanted his daughter to have a normal life. However, seeing that many in the Kansai Magic Association knew about the great (and dangerous) magic potential in Konoka, Eishun sent his daughter away to Mahora Academy under the care of his father-in-law. Several years after sending his daughter away, he sent Setsuna to guard his daughter. After the events in Kyoto, he asked Evangeline to tutor Konoka in using her power.

(Seiyū:Masaki Terasoma, English VA: Chuck Huber)

Albireo Imma

is one of Nagi's former companions. He is registered as a librarian in the Mahora Library Island. For some reason he has been resting, or has been stuck there for 10 years, and can only send a replica of himself every year during the school festival with the help of the world tree's magic. Unlike Eishun, Nagi, and Takamichi, Albireo's outward appearance does not appear to have changed from his days as a member of Ala Rubra. The reason for this is unclear, as he has only stated enigmatically that his age cannot be determined by appearance.

He entered the fighting tournament during the Mahora school festival under the assumed name "Colonel Sanders" and went largely unnoticed until he approached Asuna and was recognized by Evangeline. Albireo takes delight in tormenting and playing mindgames with Eva. He's also a cunning and shrewd man, and is considered as one of the two natural enemies which Evangeline has, the other one being Nagi himself. He assures Negi that his father is still alive, and advices him to travel to the magical world to look for clues of his whereabouts. He has also revealed details of Asuna's forgotten past to Eva.

Thus far, Albireo has displayed high proficiency in both gravity and healing magic in addition to being a skilled unarmed combatant. His Pactio item is a series of books, with an accompanying bookmark, that can be used to transform into a specific person, using all their skills and abilities. His present Pactio is with Nagi, but he has had at least ten contracts with other mages in the past, all of whom are dead.

Ku:Nel Sanders is the official romanization of the alias from Ken Akamatsu as seen in the Japanese version of Negima!, specifically volumes 12 (last chapter) and 13 (first chapter). It was translated by Del Rey as Ku:nel Sanders; " Ku:nel" being the name of a Japanese magazine. The Kanji for "Kuneru" also can be read to say "Eat, Sleep", a reference to Alberio's laid-back attitude, and the rather simple life he's been leading lately. And of course, the name is also derived from Colonel Sanders, which it was originally translated to by English-speaking fans. In chapter 163 of the manga, Alberio insists on being addressed as "Colonel Sanders" and an image of the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (with eyes censored out)while Eva comments on how he probably ate at KFC and liked it is shown to bring home the point.

He will make his first animated appearance in the Shiroki Tsubasa Ala Alba OVAs, to be voiced by Daisuke Ono.

Gateau Vanderburg

is one of Nagi's companions. He trained Takamichi in a form of magical combat called "Magic Ki Fusion", or "Kanka", that combines both Eastern chi and Western magic since Takamichi is unable to use spell incantations. While Asuna was traveling with the group as a child, she also learned some of these techniques. When he died, sometime after Nagi's supposed death, his dying wish was to have Asuna's memories of him removed, and for Asuna to live happily. Rakan has referred to him as a former dog of the military.

Jack Rakan

Jack Rakan (Jacobus Racan on his pactio card as the "k" in his family name is replaced with a "c" as is standard on all pactio cards), also known as "Rakan of the Thousand Swords", is the large, dark-skinned member of Nagi's group. He appears to be a powerful fighter, demonstrating incredibly destructive attacks with relative ease. His Pactio item is a blade that can transform into (in his words) "any shape imaginable" and can also take the form of a giant sword falling from the sky for an immensely powerful strike. He also demonstrated the ability to emit a high-powered laser from his body at a whim. Rakan initially encounters Negi (in his older disguise) in the Magical World witnessing his battles in the tournaments to raise money to free some of his students. Seeing him without a special ultimate technique, he offers Negi to teach him one for a huge fee. However, after the two of them are attacked by a shadow-manipulator who wants revenge on Nagi, Rakan is forced to save Negi's life for free as well as decides to become his teacher without the fee. Rakan then teaches Negi a technique called Magia Erebea, a forbidden technique created by Evangeline A.K. McDowell.

Later he has joined Negi and the rest in Ostia. While Fate confronted Negi, Fate sent two of his partners, Kotomi and Tamaki, to Rakan in an attempt to engage him in talks. Rakan wasted no time in provoking the two by making lewd comments and stealing Kotomi's panties, which incites them to trap him in a pactio induced alternate dimension along with Konoka and Chamo. Rakan is able to escape the trap by discerning the physical location of Kotomi and Tamaki within the dimension and confronting them. Inspection of Kotomi's stolen panties allowed Rakan to give a ballpark estimate of their location, and Chamo's expertise was able to refine the estimate into a pinpoint coordinate. The fake dimension was then destroyed apparently by Rakan's sheer willpower.

Other Members

Takamichi T. Takahata - see his own section

Asuna Vesperina Theotanasia Entheofushia - see Asuna Kagurazaka


Chigusa Amagasaki

Named after one of Ken Akamatsu's staff members, is an onmyōdō charm user from the Kansai Magic Association. She was the one responsible for causing trouble at the beginning of the school field trip. She has very large breasts, and tried to prevent Negi from giving his letter to the chief of Kansai Magic Association, because she does not want relations between the Kansai and Kantō Magic Association to improve. Chigusa was the one who tried to kidnap Konoka due to the powerful magic potential that the young girl had. She bears a grudge against Western mages, because her parents were killed in the great magic war that both Eastern and Western mages fought in twenty years ago. She planned to have her revenge against the Western mages by summoning the demon god "Ryōmen Sukuna-no-Kami", and the only way to do so was to gain control of Konoka's vast magical reserves. Despite having the ability to summon warrior spirits and creating shikigami, she also enlisted the help of three mercenaries to help in her plan. She was successful in summoning the demon god using Konoka's magic, but Evangeline defeated the demon easily. As a result, Chigusa's plan failed. She tried to escape but was captured by Chachazero, and is now under the custody of the Kansai Magic Association.


is a magical doll that was Evangeline's Ministrum Magi before Nagi put the Dark Evangel under a curse. She looks like a small and childlike version of Chachamaru. Unlike Chachamaru (Evangeline's current Ministra Magi), who is powered by a minimal amount of magical energy that Evangeline still has and a spring, Chachazero needs to be powered by quite a large amount of magic, which mainly came from Evangeline. Because of the curse, she can talk on her own, but cannot move unless there is a large concentration of magic in the area, which is the reason why Evangeline relies on Chachamaru. Chachamaru is polite, kind and well mannered. However, Chachazero is rude, abrupt, a bit of a whiner and sometimes bloodthirsty. She is always complaining that she cannot move and that her master has become too soft and not so evil. This is because Chachazero enjoys killing things and seeing things get killed. When she fights, she uses two daggers, meat cleavers and sometimes, a giant sword larger than she is. She is sometimes seen riding on Chachamaru's head or carried like a marionette by Evangeline. In areas with the high amounts of ambient magical energy, such as Evangeline's resort, or during the Mahora Festival, Chachazero is able to move about on her own like a small child. She was also able to move about freely in Kyoto, since Evangeline's full powers were unsealed. Chachazero also seems to get along very well with Chamo.

While she can be vindictive in the manga, in the anime Chachazero takes on a minor and childlike role; appearing in the memory and voicing Evangeline's request for Nagi to "please stay... I know we'll be happy together" and the recurring dream of Evangeline's past defeat at Nagi's hands. She also chases butterflies. In Negima!?, Evangeline is seen commanding a small army of Chachazeroes in her battle against Nagi. In a later episode, one Chachazero distracts a Dark Seed Fairy in order for the class to save Negi the Chupacabra.

In the manga she and Chamo seem to have a strange friendship between them since they are mostly seen observing a situation, passing comments together and/or eating while watching (this happens almost every time the situation involves Negi and Evangeline such as sparring, talking, and the like).

She is voiced in the first anime series by Yōko Teppōzuka and Caitlin Glass

Other Characters

The Slime Sisters , , and were Wilhelm's helpers. Six years ago, they helped attack Negi's village and were sealed into a magic bottle along with Wilhelm. They were released years later to help Wilhelm in his plans. The sisters, when in their human forms, all have different personalities, Ameko is polite, Suramui is rude and talks too much, and Pudding is the silent type. Due to their peculiar bodies, which are goo-like and extremely resistant to physical blows, they are excellent fighters. They were eventually defeated and resealed inside the magic bottle by Yue and Nodoka.

Trivia: The Slime Sisters are quite unlike the Slimes of the Dragon Quest series, as noted by Negi and Kotaro. (English)
The Great Demon God (大鬼神) of Hida, sealed 1600 years before it was released during the Great War wherein it was again beaten by the Thousand Master and his comrades. It was released again decades after when Chigusa Amagasaki used Konoka Konoe's great magic potential to summon it. However, it was quickly defeated by Evangeline and Chachamaru, and was sealed afterwards by the Kansai Magic Association. It's power level, as shown on Rakan's chart, was 8000.

Rubicante is the demon guardian summoned by Fate Averruncus. Rubicante has a personality that likens the summoned being to a trained pet dog. His name, which means "ruby face" in Italian, is taken from a demon in cantos 21 and 22 of Dante's Inferno. is actually a robot, probably designed in part by Satomi. One of its primary weapons is a laser cannon mounted in its mouth, similar to the Boomers of Bubblegum Crisis that seems to be quite effective at blasting the clothes off its targets. Takane defeated him during the Legendary Mahora Martial Arts Tournament - First round, at the dear cost of a good portion of her dignity. A small army of mass-produced Tanakas exists in Mahora's underground sewage system, under the control of Chao, which she uses in her attempt to expose magic to the world. It was written as "Tank.a" in the manga a few times. Eventually all the Tanaka robots where destroyed in the great Mahora Showdown.


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