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Becher, in the Bible. 1 Son of Benjamin. In First Chronicles "his first-born" should perhaps be read "Becher"; cf. Bocheru. See Bichri. 2 Son of Ephraim. His descendants are called Bachrites. He also appears as Bered.
Becher, Johannes Robert, 1891-1958, German poet and essayist. After an early association with the Expressionist movement, Becher turned to Communism. His anti-imperialist poetry, notably Der Leichnam auf dem Thron [the corpse on the throne] (1925), led to exile from Nazism (1935-45) in the USSR, where he produced such volumes of poetry as Wiedergeburt [rebirth] (1940) and Deutschland ruft [Germany calls] (1942). After the war he settled in East Germany, founded the literary review Sinn und Form, and was appointed Minister of Culture (1954). His postwar writings (including Macht der Poesie [poetic power, 1955] and Das poetische Prinzip [poetic principle, 1957]) stressed socialist humanism and the artist's responsibility to society
Becher's Brook is a fence jumped during the Grand National horse race at Aintree Racecourse, Liverpool, England.

It is negotiated twice during the race - as the sixth fence, and the twenty-second fence.

The fence took its name from Captain Becher, who fell there from his mount Conrad in the first Aintree Grand National in 1839, and who sheltered in the small brook running along the landing side of the fence while the remainder of the field thundered over.

It has always been a notorious and controversial obstacle during this most severe of sporting events. Following the deaths of two horses, Brown Trix and Seeandem, at the fence during the 1989 Grand National won by Little Polveir, the course executive bowed to pressure from animal rights groups and levelled off a tricky backward slope on the landing side of the fence to remove a hidden trap that had caused many horses to fall. At the same time they also removed the water from the brook as there was a risk that a fallen horse could drown.

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