Beau Dollar

Beau Dollar

William "Beau Dollar" Bowman was a soul vocalist and drummer for King Records (USA). He performed on many studio albums for various artists under contract with King including James Brown. His most prominent work was performed as Beau Dollar & The Dapps and Beau Dollar & The Coins.

Beau Dollar and The Dapps were formed in Cincinnati in 1965 where they often played the famous Living Room nightclub. The band consisted of Bowman, Eddie Setser, Charles Summers, Tim Hedding, Ron Geisman, Les Asch, and David Parkinson. The band found success after being discovered by James Brown the same year they were formed. Under Brown's direction the band produced their first single "It's A Gas", however Brown's long running dispute with King caused the single to be shelved. At the same time, the band also worked with Hank Ballard who had left The Midnighters in search of solo success. In 1967, they released two singles "Bringing Up The Guitar" and "There Was A Time" with Arthur "Pee Wee" Ellis. The Dapps eventually broke up in 1969. Brown replaced the band with The Pacesetters who eventually became the JB's.

Beau Dollar & The Coins had some success with "Soul Serenade" in 1966 (a cover of the King Curtis 1964 single).

Beau Dollar's only solo credited song was "Who Knows" (which is believed to have been backed by The Dapps) in 1970.


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