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Beating up

Beating up may refer to:

  • Systematic punching many times, or hitting with a blunt instrument, to enforce an order, inflict punishment, prevent the victim from resisting for a while, or release anger. Often two or more men take part, sometimes ith one or two of them restraining the victim.
  • In some out-of-date dictionaries, "to alarm by a sudden attack"
  • Beating oneself up about something: feeling badly or guilty about it
  • Beat-up (adjective), of a car: battered by time and usage
  • In WW2 air pilots' usage, repeatedly bombing a military target or targets
  • Getting something done, derived from the idea of beating for game
  • Used loosely for:
    • Repeated verbal assault
    • Severe defeat in non-contact competitive sports


  • "Beating to pulp": this can mean a more than usually severe physical beating as described above,
    • and used loosely for severe defeat in non-contact competitive sports
  • "working over", "doing over", "roughing up", "processing"

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