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List of fictional bears

Bears are very common fictionalized and personified animals, and can be found in almost every single kind of fiction. The following is an attempt to list and categorize all the bears that appear in all forms of fiction.

Bears in Books

and its sequel The Toyminatorwritten by Robert Rankin

Bears in Plays

Animated Bears

Bears in Comics and Cartoons

Bears in Film

Puppet Bears

Bears in Advertising

  • Smokey Bear, mascot of the U.S. Forest Service. He is also only semi-fictional, as he was based on a real orphaned bear cub also named Smokey.
  • the ICEE Polar Bear, an animated mascot for The ICEE Company, as seen on TV ads.

Bears in Alcohol Advertising

Bears in Poetry and Song

Bears on Television

Teddy Bears

For main article, see Teddy bear.

Animatronic Bears

Aesop's Fable: The Bear and the Two Travelers

In a fable by Aesop, two travelers are walking along when a bear jumps up, causing the first traveler to hop into a tree, and the second to lay on the ground, remembering that bears do not attack prey that is already dead. The bear sniffs the "dead" man, and goes away. The first traveler comes back, asking, "What did the Master Bruin do?" The second replies the moral of the story: "Giving me really good advice, Don't trust a friend who abandons you at the first sign of danger."


and Teddy Bear Gumbo

  • Bob T. Bear Esq. a spy Teddy Bear from the UK
  • Pudgie and Gladstone from a blog of several Teddy Bears and plushes called Furry Thoughts for Fuzzy Times
  • Mawson, an expert Teddy Bear from Australia, who helps teach bears about being a bear
  • Spaulding and Teddy, Internet Savvy American Teddy Bears, with their own Web Den and Teddy Bear Journal
  • Henry Bear, CindaBella, and Jazmyn owner and staff at the Bearly Irish Pub message board
  • Edmund (the explorer) Nesbitt, preparing for an expedition to the Arctic, to raise funds for the children's unit at St. Theresa's Hospice in Darlington.
  • The Cinnamon Bear is Paddy O'Cinnamon from the hero of the 26-part Christmas radio series, THE CINNAMON BEAR, created in 1937 by the late Glanville T. (Glan) Heisch.
  • Bear is the nickname of a male character in Night Watch who shapeshifts into a bear. His real name is never mentioned.


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