bearing a grudge

Burying a Grudge

"Burying a Grudge" is the tenth episode in season 2 of American sitcom Frasier.

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

Plot outline

Artie Walsh, Martin's estranged old partner, is in the hospital, and Frasier tries to heal the rift between them.

Episode Title Cards

  • Quick! Get Manila on the phone
  • No guts, no gravy
  • Albuquerque is approximately 136 square miles
  • Well, we've come this far without a bedpan joke…

Memorable Quotations

Maris is in hospital recovering from plastic surgery, and Niles plans to stay there overnight
Niles: Maris' doctor feels it's more soothing for the patient to duplicate the home environment as closely as possible, so I slipped a pearl-handled revolver under her pillow and got myself a room across the hall.

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