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2008 Echo Bear Cat July Spectacular 100

The 2008 Echo Bear Cat July Spectacular 100 was the sixth of 14 races in 2008 for the ASA Midwest Tour. The race was run on Saturday, July 5, 2008, at I-94 Raceway, in Sauk Centre, Minnesota.

Entry List


Top 5

1. 52-Chris Wimmer
2. 72-Jacob Goede
3. 41-Donny Reuvers
4. 77-Jonathan Eilen
5. 36-Dan Fredrickson

Qualifying Races

Heat 1:
26-Joe Berthaiume (transfer)
01-Rich Snyder(transfer)
91-Gordy Swanson (transfer)

Heat 2:
94-Paul Paine (transfer)
77-Kris Kelly (transfer)
5-Eugine Dick (transfer)

Last Chance:
21-Tim Schendel(transfer)
22-Russ Blakeley (transfer)

Fast Heat 1:
9-Kyle Calmes

Fast Heat 2:
25-Jeff Storm


26 cars started the 100 lap race. Of the 26 cars that started, 24 were able to finish the race, with only the top two finishers remaining on the lead lap. Of the two cars that were not able to finish the race, both Rich Snyder and Joe Berthaiume retired due to mechanical failures.

Caution Flags: 1
Lap 3: Jon Olson (78)-spin

Lap Leaders:
Lap 1-11: 44-Adam Hensel
Lap 12-100: 36-Dan Fredrickson

Top Ten Finishers
Pos. Car # Driver Car Make
1 36 Dan Fredrickson Dodge Intrepid
2 87 Nathan Haseleu Ford Fusion
3 50 Steve Anderson Ford Fusion
4 41 Donny Reuvers Toyota Camry
5 77 Jonathan Eilen Chevrolet Impala SS
6 5 Eugene Dick Chevrolet Impala SS
7 44 Adam Hensel Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS
8 5 Travis Sauter Chevrolet Impala SS
9 25 Jeff Storm Chevrolet Impala SS
10 52 Chris Wimmer Chevrolet Impala SS


ASA Midwest Tour Echo Bear Cat July Spectacular 100 Results
ASA Midwest Tour Echo Bear Cat July Spectacular Official Entry List

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