Beach Chair

Beach Chair

"Beach Chair" is a song from rapper Jay-Z's comeback album Kingdom Come. It is produced by Chris Martin from Coldplay, and features Chris Martin himself. The song is mixed by Dr. Dre. The video for "Minority Report/Beach Chair" was made in New York as a medley.

In the song, Jay-Z gives his view on life - as if it were a dream. The general theme of the song is that Jay-Z is in the 'afterlife' of rap. The song is suggesting that Jay-Z is relaxing on a beach chair, whilst dreaming about various issues that reflect upon him. Whilst the melodic notes and strings were produced by Chris Martin, the reverbal drums in the background were produced by Dr. Dre. There is a presence of a light kick drum in the background, but it is very faint. The song also features a small guest appearance by Beyoncé saying four words during the first verse, "are you happy Hov?".

This song also begins with a line that has been drawn from an Atmosphere lyric, "Life is but a dream, I don't wanna wake up, 30 odd years..."

Jay-Z also claims he's never been on MySpace in this song, the line being "Nope, i never been on MySpace / too busy letting my voice vibrate"

Kanye West, in his song "Big Brother", claims that Jay-Z imitated him by working on a song with Chris Martin:

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