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They Might Be Giants in Holidayland

This article is about They Might Be Giants record. For the former Disney attraction, please see Holidayland.

They Might Be Giants in Holidayland (or just Holidayland), was a holiday-themed EP released by the band They Might Be Giants in 2001 (see 2001 in music) under Restless Records. The recording consists of: "Santa Claus", a Sonics cover originally released on's TMBG Unlimited service; "Santa's Beard", first released on Lincoln and later Then: The Earlier Years; "Feast of Lights", also from TMBG Unlimited, and appearing on the compilation Festival of Lights 2; "Careless Santa", from Mono Puff's album Unsupervised; and "O Tannenbaum", from 1993's O Tannenbaum EP and, later, TMBG Unlimited.

The EP could have included more material, with the band opting to leave out "Christmas Cards" (the original B-side of "O Tannenbaum") and the Dial-A-Song exclusive "We Just Go Nuts At Christmas Time."

Track listing

  1. "Santa Claus" (G. Roslie)
  2. "Santa's Beard" (J. Flansburgh)
  3. "Feast of Lights" (J. Linnell)
  4. "Careless Santa" (featuring Yuval Gabay) (J. Flansburgh)
  5. "O Tannenbaum" (trad.)

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