Bate, William Brimage, 1826-1905, U.S. politician and Confederate general, b. Castalian Springs, Tenn. He served in the Mexican War and was involved in Tennessee politics before entering the Confederate army in 1861. In a spectacular career Bate rose from private to major general and served with distinction in six major campaigns. He was elected governor of Tennessee in 1882 and reelected in 1884. He served in the U.S. Senate from 1887 to 1905.
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  • In falconry, bating means for a tethered falconry bird to try to fly away
  • In tannery, bate is a substance, often made from fermented animal dung, used to remove hair and the outer protein layer from the hide. Using it is called "bating".
  • The Bate Isles are part of the Duke of York Archipelago.
  • Bate, a town in Burkina Faso

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