Basia, Pakistan

Basia is a small village in Attock District. It is located between Peshawar and Islamabad, not far from Attock City.

The name Basia itself comes from Abasia, which then changed over time to Basia.

The name Abasia came from its forefather Hazrat Abbas bin Ali Radyallahu Anho, Abbas the Son of Ali RA. Ali RA was married to Umme Banin RA and it is believed that their son Abbas is where the Awan Tribe started from.

The village consists of a single tribe known as Qazi. The Qazis originate from The Awan tribe which in turn came from Afghanistan and before that from the Arab lands.

The Qazis have 3 villages in Attock but primarily Basia is one of their strongholds. Qazi means Judge - which they were in the courts of the Mughals. They used to base their verdicts on the Shariah and were known for their piety.

They are a very hospitable and generous tribe. Their land once was renowned for being the second largest in Chach or Attock.

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